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Different drugs must be treated as a public health issue – not an offense.

Drug users are also the people, but this is often the case in medicine. This stigma that is related to substance misuse in Canada is the result of laws that are in fact. restore the revival.

On the other hand, if the federal government would disregard all drugs, it would be the case; Prioritize users and sympathy with their reasons for use.

By placing a pity over a cure for a & # 39; drug use, there is not much to solve the long-term problem needed in Canada By placing an insight into attacks, we will, accepting & closing and & # 39; encouraging the hopes of becoming healthy.

It is imperative to remember that the use of practice is more important than its purpose. Damaging to drugs and recognizing the conditions that may be infected with drugs; The management of drug users to reduce the stigma and its; reduce the use of drugs.

Many drug users who use drug use as a means of cure, whether it is for pain or physical relief.

Consider an athlete who suffers badly and activists are intended to reduce pain. If their doctor had a sudden removal of the suppression – which has been there for some when OxyContin was in 2012 – they would have to find other ways to get the pain letting down, for example black market dealers.

Damaging to drugs in Canada would be a useful way to get to # 39; reduce stigma about the substance abuse of drugs and to provide a vital focus on the user as a valuable person.

By financing drug plans, harm reduction methods, and healthcare for people who have a disability, suffering from using materials, the government would prioritizing consumer safety and control all drugs.

Similarly, with the continued growth of fentanyl in street drugs, a program of materials under control restricted and contaminated drugs. In Ontario, two-dimensional-related opioids have grown larger and more common – they are now ranked most commonly used for the death of a disaster in the region, with over 5,000 deaths since 2000.

The introduction of quality control on street drugs would also reduce levels of crime. If consumers were to get their drugs from a state-of-the-art restaurant, they would not go to it; Visiting crimes such as theft and prostitution until they get the dispute.

Offenders would give priority to the health of consumer users. Instead of spending money on & # 39; dealing with crime, the government could co-ordinate more resources to reduce prevention and harm programs, such as healthcare, housing, and support agencies.

This would not save thousands of digits; Equality in danger, it would also make safer towns by doing; reduce drug related offenses and allow police officers to focus on harder crimes. In other countries, this method of misuse of materials has been successful.

Since it has been unlawful for all drugs in 2001, the drug-related drug burden on Portugal's criminal justice system was rapidly reduced. Deaths related to diseases and current diseases were also significantly spread.

Portugal government put forward a job creation program that encouraged users to contribute to society – a & # 39; giving them a sense of purpose and increasing their quality of life. If Canada had a similar strategy, it would lead to a society where more people are included and encouraged to contribute.

Users would suffer to & # 39; feeling and accepting them, and their. Get the support needed to address the & # 39; a basic purpose for their substance misuse. In some circumstances, it is more reasonable and reasonable to emphasize the reduction of harm and the safe use of drugs rather than reducing the amount of damage. disturbed him.

Education is about the dangers to take drugs as well as damaging the harm and basic drug cure too for stigma about the deterioration of material to solve.

It's a Naloxone device to go to # 39; Give one way to bachelor his teaching, a cure that may have recently returned eighteen opioids as a whole. These resources are available free of charge at Ontario pharmacies, where training is provided to anyone with a valid OHIP card.

This is especially important for students, because they are a n; Drugs are often used by parties, bars, and events such as Homecoming and St Patrick's Day.

Although decrofting is still long, progress is being made. In July, the Kingston Street Health Center launched the Damascus Site, where users of local materials can help clean, transport, and clean support when they use drugs.

Real steps are taken to sympathy and agreement, but much needs to be done to address the current social and critical use of drug users and how we will face disasters.

We need to support users of materials with help, love, and compassion. After all, people are respected just like anyone else.

Geneviève Nolet is a second language language, literature and cultures.

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