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Mannequin is buying a dumpster in & # 39; frighten your Delta police

There was a normal route group in the middle of Ladner, B.C., which allowed him to; Police stopped on Monday afternoon.

"Police officers do not get scared easily. But think that you're digging down a dark road and clicking on the" "cleaner," a & # 39; read subtitles to a photo sent by Delta police.

The image shows several of its headphones; Looking out of a dumpster that has some clothes. One of them, with dark scraggly hair, hangs from the hill, next to a metal chain.

The police officer who saw the heads might have been "the second one of Oh, Oh, what did I get here?" A speaker speaks to her; police, Cris Leykauf.

The officer quickly investigated and found a number of headphones in the dumpster, she said, with even more to fill a bag of rubbish.

"It seems to pronounce a bit when you say so, is not it?" she asked her with a smile.

Was it screaming? there? & # 39;

There is a hardware store and hair salons nearby, she noted, so a policeman is not sure where the heads came.

Leykauf said he was not sure exactly how the old officer responded when he found the heads.

"I sent to us and asked me to his head," Did he shout? What happened? "He never spoke to any of that, so I do not think," she said.

Earlier in January, the south-east of Edmonton was cleared for several hours after the police discovered what was like a group.

This police received this response from the media: "This is not a human body. It is believed to be a kind of meat or drink."

Leykauf said that Delta has not been able to see any burn in the two years. and if these chiefs are the most terrible thing they have all year long, they are doing well.

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