Meghan McCain responds to be named as & # 39; B ** ch & # 39; Online after Joy Behar Fallout: & # 39; You have a feeling like to & # 39; & # 39;

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Joy Behar was introduced by Meghan McCain on Monday's edition of "The View", and a report The Daily Mail shows that cases have been heated more camera when the section ends.

During the "Hot Topics" section during Monday, the panel spoke about the death of the former US President. George H.W. Bush, who informed Behar, told him about his president: Interestingly, Bush reported the Clean Air Act; Changing 1990 to law, "one of the most brutal environment laws", says Behar, who followed him by " current resident of the White House.

"This president we are now trying to do everything he has done and Obama to do, and if I've ever been a single-party voter , it's about the pollution and the impact of the greenhouse … "said Behar before McCain put off.

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"Can we focus on the president, are you? I do not want to talk about Trump, we are honoring a president," McCain stopped .

"Let me go one second, see. I want to talk about …" Behar was shot back, only McCain was cut off again. "We respect your president's good past and I'm not interested in your one-to-one vote," she said.

"I do not care for what you are interested," Behar was taken back. "I talk!"

McCain stopped him again. "Well, I do not remember what you're interested in either, Joy!" She climbed back, with her moderator Whoopi Goldberg quickly cuts the short section and his / her; threw into trade.

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According to the Mail, although the exhibition was commercially, Behar said that he had the craft cards on the desk to put his hands in the air, shouting, "My God! Get this b under control. If this time is not a stop I do not; Deleting this bad display. I can not take this much larger. "

An Mail says that delegates have started to move on the platform in an attempt to & # 39; Protecting the situation when Behar was growing. "I have expressed a lot on this show but I'm at the end of my benefit with this title b *** h," she said. "Much already! Ok enough! I do not play a bit more fun."

"Everyone was wild," said a store Mail"The last thing they wanted for Joy to go away from the show. She has done that before. Remember the situation of Bill O Reilly? She was so sad and ill; she was on that day and only had two minutes to keep this explosion fixed and everyone would be in a position to return for the next section. He was very accused of position. "

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When the exhibition ends, he will report Post, "One woman did not talk to each other and they met with representatives and network operators individually in their studio rooms."

The source added: "This is not the last thing you've seen about these two times that comes to fighting. You can trust and believe this."

After the heat argument, online people were built after Behar disappeared and began to take McCain to "b ** ch." McCain highlighted how this affected her when he was & # 39; Commenting on Pete Davidson's response incapacitated on the "The View" Thursday program.

"I think it's different when someone is like Pete Davidson or someone like us, not just social media," she explained. "Google nowadays, articles have been written about me in the last few days, what is big b ** ch I am, how terrible it is in me, the diversity and the greatness that I have brought to the show. It's true, not just social media, it's also the media. "

"I probably think it's hard when you reach a so dark place, where you feel that the whole world is consuming so much of an attack , I sometimes think that you just want to give up when you're doing the type of jobs we do, "Next" But you need to pull yourself up, you need to keep you around. "

Finishing, I know what it is & # 39; Feel like to be loved in the same way that Pete Davidson does, "she said." I do not ask sympathy but I did; feeling so hard for her job. "

Davidson challenged his allegations in the raw Instagram post Monday. "Certainly the hardness of the internet or anyone trying to kill me, it will not," he wrote. "Everyone who keeps me down and seeing this for what's – I see you and I love you."

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