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Mexico has a 50% target; jump in the product of Pemex rescue oil & # 39; with Reuters

© Reuters. FILE AUDIO: The Pemex logo is pictured when it is the 80th anniversary of Mexico's Mexican oil industry in the state oil oil headquarters in Dalmatia

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MEXICO CITY (Reuters) – Mexico aims to build oil and gas with almost 50 per cent in the next six years and in January it provides infrastructure and contract contract for 20 areas, and Petroleos Mexicanos state oil company Saturday said.

Octavio Romero, a chief executive of a company called Pemex, usually called for the new government to " Increasing survey investment by around 10 per cent per year to include the output of its product; going down when he spent a new business plan.

President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, who took office on December 1, wants to revitalize Pemex, who has been very grateful to the result of a poor result of a large proportion of 3.4 million barrels per day (bpd) in 2004 to less than 1.8 million in October Post-

"It's a new Pemex rescue," said Lopez Obrador with Romero in the Ciudad del Carmen port in Camas a deas mexican shortly before the government arrived at the " First budget with Pemex money under close review.

Under the plan, the poor Mexican result of climbing will be 2,624 million pd barrels by the end of 2024, and gas lifting also rises by 50%.

Benefit will be consolidated in the coming months and its; Starting up to the end of next year, Pemex Chief Executive said. However, projections that were presented in the government's main budget later on Saturday suggested that the product would be reduced to 2020.

The previous government in Mexico tried to expand production by making it possible. Open up product and research into private capital. But the decline is still going to go out.

Lopez Obrador, a fascinating Lazarus Cardenas, was the president of Mexico's oil industry founded 80 years ago, against the 2013-14 constitutional reform of the person's business; Previously, Enrique Pena Nieto.

The grandmother says that he will honor 110 private oil contracts under Pena Nieto, but this month challenged large oils to pump oil quickly, giving them a "three-year" problem, without giving more information.

In the meantime, Mexico will close the use of 20 largest areas in the Gulf of Mexico, Romero said.

To do this, contracts for its essential infrastructure will be issued on 15 January and to move drills on 31 January, he said.

Most of the fields are away from the sea and the government is planning the grant of "integrated" infrastructure contracts, Romero said. Fountain drilling as "getting involved" contracts made by the companies or consortium would be responsible for delivery.

Pemex will be responsible for engineering and service management. By December 2019, the 20 fields should give 73,000 pd of the products, Romero said.

Nahle's Rocio Power Secretary told local reporters that Mexican companies would be given priority in the " a contracting process, based on a limited list of invitees.

Romero said that nine companies had expressed an interest in drilling the wells where there was a " shoreline, and five others had done that for the four areas on land. Everything is a property with a central majority, he said.

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