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Microscopic tests solely on a chemical structure of large plans & # 39;

The microscopic scale exams have helped scientists create a new light on & # 39; make up the bulk plans of the solar system.

Researchers have used advanced methods to indicate how hydroid and helium – which make up their & quot; Most of the Jews and Devils were under the great crisis found inside the planets.

The results say that the gauges do not handle each other within Jupiter and Saturn, where weight can exceed two million and a half times higher than the Earth's atmosphere , experts said.

The search is derived from a previous search that the gauges consider to be in a position; have a big impact on it.

The team from the Edinburgh University team has been detected by adding small mixtures of hydrogen and helium into a device, called a diamond ring, which would be used to create a very high pressure.

There was a laser beam that looked at the tall blend, a & # 39; Creating distinctive patterns of scattered light that the molecular structure appears in each sample.

Using this method, called Raman spectroscopy, the experts found that hydrids and helium were very inactive, and that chemicals were even created between them and # 39; s great pressure.

Professor Robin Turnbull, from the School of Physics and Science School, who led the study, said: "We hope that these results will further investigate the diversification of single-gas unit mix under major contracts.

"It's important to be essential to keep track of your own work and on the work of others."

The study, published in the Journal Review Letters, was also involved in researchers at the Center for Advanced Science and Advanced Research Technology in China and the Carnegie Institute for Science in the US.

It was funded by the Research Research Council of Engineering and Physical Sciences and the European Research Council.

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