Microsoft Adds Edge to Create a Core Crumium Online

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After more than 20 years of internet relevance fight, Microsoft expects to destroy Chrome's core architecture of its Internet browser's basic architecture.

That's really important, and the internet responded by reviewing and troubleshooting how you would expect: the end of the Internet Explorer legacy is dead!

However, we learned the whole picture, with Microsoft telling about the move on GitHub on Thursday, and it's even bigger than we can dream. Not only does Edge use Chromium as its operating engine, but Microsoft has a & # 39; actively invest in the development of the open engine longer, so that it is better off for each device that it is; impact.

The software is a software that uses your browser to display web pages. Render engines have different issues and features, maintained by their own companies, with the ones that are used today by Mozilla, Google, Microsoft, and Apple.

Here is a bit from a long, precise position of its company for why it is; make this change:

"We will improve the Microsoft Edge app architecture, which provides access to all Windows support versions including Windows 7 and Windows 8, as well as Windows 10. We also add Microsoft Edge to top other desktop drives, such as MacOS. By developing the web site for end users (better tuning) and developers (less problematic) a regular web site must be is available as widely as possible. To achieve this, we use Chromium app-cross-platform technology with a change in our delivery model, so that Microsoft Edge and web platforms are available over all the supported systems that are supported. "

Yes, that's right: not only does Microsoft move to Chromium as a drag engine, it will start to move Edge across all desktop desktop devices on & # 39; planet and It starts to be built into the web platform inside Windows.

this is big Newsletter for its business all over board, and is keen to launch the web to experience of the first stage in the development of indigenous advocacy, as well as being a better knowledge for Internet users that are not powerful in their browser & Use.

The web has already swallowed indigenous advocacy development, but it's about getting a lot better. Here are some reasons that this news is interesting, and it's going to go to it; Open the next chapter for the web:

Web browsers as citizens of the first class

One of the biggest problems today is, despite how big a chrome is there; Well, it's not very good at the front of the resource: it drives battery supplies, hogs systems and usually does not & # 39; play well. This has largely been due to Google and Crromium's own operating system (outside ChromeOS), and they do not have a special opportunity to API a system of low level that is & # 39; enjoy Safari and Edge.

Since Microsoft and Apple have their own first-party browsers, Cromium has always been worse: these giants have no platform facilities but the project is just a & # 39; Raising a series away from the official platforms of each platform.

This move changes everything about that equation. Microsoft can click Chromium in Windows and The Edge browser at its heart, which is a & # 39; means that you can first-class access to any app with a native Windows-Chromium view, and he is giving him MacOS:

"Out of the Microsoft Edge browser, other browser users on Windows PCs sometimes face inconsistent features and performance / products across machine types. Some browsers on slower progress to include new Windows capabilities as a handheld and ARM processes. As you know, we have recently started donating grants that provide these hard support types for crromium-based browsers , and we believe this approach can be widespread. "

Microsoft, in particular, says that it will deliver the highest browser experience, whatever the platform you are doing; developed, with the same engine on each device. Not only does he expect to make Windows the best for Chromium, but also share that work, to ARM-based devices such as the iPhone and Ensure that its main significance is an effective resource: OS level.

But what is important is the result of this whole work: the best way to build platform platform applications, on a scale that we have ever seen.

The net as a desk platform

If you are active in any size and you're looking for a app for electric or laptop users, in fact, the Electron is the best choice today. it is there is no co-operation Microsoft GitHub, which will come with a small project called Electron, will be found as part of that construction.

Electron is a framework that allows developers to throw a web code (JavaScript, HTML and other parts) in indigenous cover, allowing them to access the system level API such as contacts, file system, and so on forward, makes it easy to use on Windows, MacOS, Linux and anything else with one language.

Many of the many apps that suit many of them; influencing Electron beneath the hill, including Slack, Visual Studio Code, desktop desktop and many others, largely because it is so easy to use; focus on a wide variety of common-language systems.

It is today in electron today, with a special disadvantage: it is based on a Chromium browser, which means it is fully rationalized for all applications that it uses on the your device. By opening the Slack and Chrome open, for example, a & # 39; seeding two Chromium remote locations, both using resources to do the same.

With this shift, it is easy to think of a single thread for Chromium on a Windows top, and can be accessed by any Electron-based place. Such a change would allow Electron applications to be more efficient, sustainable, and more friendly on system resources (especially memory and battery).

Not only that, but because Microsoft offers technical resources to everybody There is a browser based on crromium, Electron-based applications have a friendly and friendly experience. Supporting a box, the position of the platform for converter tools to replace the laptops.

If Electron was already highly advanced Despite its large limitations, this will go to; Attacking full tiles of web-based web sites. Why did you build any other language at this time, do you once write and run anywhere?

Web technology is ready for this

Microsoft has made many attempts over the years to build frames for the use of developers, which greatly failed. Silverlight, XAML, WPF, Metro, was a bit of what you can think, but it has, in a large part, struggled with all technology to attract developers at a scale that was in a position. belong.

Recently, however, Microsoft has entered advanced web applications as their next platform. PWA is one of the most exciting web developments in recent years, allowing access to network-based applications to many native abilities gun the need for electronic as an Electron. They work offline, they can contact, cache data, and so forth, and many developers, as Twitter, to promote PWA's first-level experiences that work on Windows as well.

The best power movement in all of these is Microsoft to show how enthusiastic & as it is to the site as a platform for the future of the apps. He wanted developers to build PWAs for a Microsoft Store, but now he's putting the resources behind behind those apps at home on the OS, and # 39; spend lots of resources to make great know what the only one you use in Chrome or in software.

Not only is this the most profitable product of all of this, it is a key duty to open the desktop environment for the next generation of web-enabled devices. Request writing for the current target of all devices is a & # 39; missing out, and Microsoft wants him to be for the future.

The differences of the strategy are here very well Unlike Apple, which is largely due to any feature of the open web that could threaten its own dominance. There are no Internet-based notifications in Safari on iOS, or the ability to activate or not activate tasks, and so on. Usually, the iOS apps are restored again to work on the hard drive Mac.

Microsoft throws all of these windows to that platform out of the window, saying that it just wants a great way to develop app developers which works wherever it was written once. I enjoy it well, and this is changing to & # 39; A game after years of hitting the native level was best to write.

As it appears, the web is all the time. I believe this is the right horse; in the right horse, especially as web appliances are growing faster than age.

This is just the first

It's still in the early days, and Microsoft plans have not yet been baked yet, but I'm glad we're still there. move to a new device where network-based technology is treated as a citizen of the first party with the operators of the operating system.

To be clear, there Yes Difficulties to this change: the web as a platform is narrowed into a page of streamlined work, just by Chrome, Webkit (which is the Crromium) and Gecko, which is a & # 39; empowers Firefox, left. Everyone has less choice of choice, as the Chief Executive of Mozilla commented on the news about the news that did not; they got words:

"Google is so close to the strictly structured control of online life that may not be profitable to continue its fight. […] From the perspective of social, civic and individual empowerment to control basic online infrastructure to a single company is terrible. "

The most important thing is that he thinks this is the right thing to do, even with the long history of Microsoft in browsers. It has not long been that Microsoft has been punished by the antitrust law to have a & # 39; putting Internet Explorer on users, but today's Microsoft has been shown once and twice that it wants to convert a new page.

The choice is so badly that it will even hurt other browsers such as Firefox, but it's hard to get a & # 39; Verify that Microsoft continues to track the path for a non-person-specific browser to use it.

This time is different because Crromium is an open source project, with many partners already, so Microsoft can place its weight behind the level better collaborate on the project rather than just leaving it to Google.

If you can not hit, get involved, and Microsoft appears to have a complaint on the web for the long way.

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