Microsoft aims to bring Pass Game to all devices;

Forza air Switch, let's go!

Microsoft has big plans on Phil Spencer for Pass Pass Xbox. As well as providing the service to mobile devices through the xCloud Project, Spencer says that the service would like to see "all devices". That may be & # 39; It means a lot of things, but I think I'm going to; Playing Xbox One games to Nintendo Switch.

All of these were recently published by the GameSpot report from the Barclays conference in San Francisco. "When you think about reaching a user with this content where their only computer device could be an Android phone," said Spencer, "you think , "what ways does the person Pay for content today? "… Come to PC, and finally, it will come to all the devices – we will use our Xbox fans with our Xbox gaming to begin to grow. "

This could go in any way. I'm almost certain that Spencer does not mention competing consoles, but her choice of words is strange. Given that the Xbox brand is more important than physical hardship, Microsoft may be wise to make a step out of the consular race and create a focus on games instead. At the same time, Microsoft went on to acquire famous developers, so it would be difficult to bring back that talent into multi-stage solutions after they were built.

Whatever case, this may be & # 39; meaning good things for people without Xbox One.

The Xbox game package has been running "All devices", says Phil Spencer [GameSpot]

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