Mike Babcock Post Game, Leafs 6 vs. Ducks 1: "[Jake Muzzin] It's very good in his own belt, he has a good utility, it's a big group that's a plays very hard between the whistles … It's going to make us better "

Mike Babcock challenged the media after 6-1 of the team of the Anaheim Ducks team in London's night, first two games of 2019 books.

Breaking through the power player with help from Jake Muzzin's perspective from the top:

I think it's wrong; We got a credit for one goal for power power but we did two awards. I thought his picture was important. As the teams have played against us, they just do not. live deeply below and do not respect the tops. I thought the area helped muzz with her; proportion. The other thing is that it is a big group. He knows how he will play. You will not get the Stanley Cup two disasters. He knows how he will play. He's very good at his own belt. He has got a good supply. He is a big group and plays tightly between the whistles. In fact, with his knowledge and the kind of person he does, he makes us better.

Andreas Johnsson (a four-minute night) touching the path after a slow start on the season:

You got back to Johnny's job here with the Leafs, it's started here every year, so we have to change something there. But obviously, he is a good player and he is very strong. It causes people to be outdoors, which I am doing. I enjoy going into the hard areas and fearing to go to the hard places, which is why it has a lot. Obviously, he had a good night.

On the difference in William Nylander after Connor Brown's goal was set up, then he got his own:

In fact, confidence. It is possible, as we all know. We believe that it has the opportunity to play a vital role in us. He just got to recover his confidence. You will be reassured by working and & # 39; compete and do good things. That's how you'll get a prize – you're working hard.

It looks like anyone who is random. You just have to do it but look at a man like Matthews. It is going through a time when it is not; scan, and as soon as they are & # 39; score, it looks like an adrenaline level and then you can see it in their picture and jump.

Air Nylander recalls what he can do with his goal:

We saw him a lot. He did not hit the net but. When hitting the net, it's dangerous. He can kill him. He has a skill. It can make plays. He can carry the puck. It can be dangerous all over the world. It's good in the face circle. He is a very hockey player. That's why we are.

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