Most of the # 39; NHL lecturer running 8 teams

We are just under three months away from the NHL trading date, and the hotstove is at least started to start. come to shape.

Many of the eyes were set on the William Nylander contract contract with the Toronto Maple Leafs during the first part of the season, but with that unlocked situation, trade talks begin to start; built around the league.

And, according to Elliotte Friedman, these are the eight largest teams who like to move.

"Just just asking about it, the teams that are at the heart of many of these discussions: LA, Philly, Minnesota, Boston, Pittsburgh, Florida, St. Louis, and Chicago," said Friedman continued News Hocaidh Night in Canada. "Everything for different purposes, but the most likely to be the most active teams and anything that happens around the league is running through."

It is still early enough for any team to believe that it can affect the next week, but the Kings, Blackhawks and Blues have a great deal. make up the three worst teams in the Western Conference by going to # 39; recording, making sure that sellers. The Fierce is on the edge of the play, along with the Penguins, as long as the Bruins are a join the Stanley Cup for this season. Some of the work of the Painters and Flyers want to get land in the centers, and can go on to sell and sell.

Friedman said 31 Ideas On Wednesday, the Penguins were "verified on their" market "on pediatric Phil Kessel.

The trading date is February 25.

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