Movement: Kyle Lowry's difficulties are becoming a move for Raptors

Torrears Toronto 106-105 lost to Brooklyn Nets in a game that is not wrong for classics in action but has been competitive throughout the world and has a long time to settle.

In a game that stretched all the time, he was not worthy to win, Toronto lost his chance to go to # 39; late closure and comfortably. This game has shown things that Nick Nurse has been in recent registration; Last things back for losing his team.

The Eunaphartaich Shoe was just 39 per cent, the ball turned over 15 times and only three points broke quickly. In addition, they were left by 19. The Nets, who were involved in an eight-game streak, led by D-Angelo Russell who had 15 in the third season and another six in pre-time, with 29 points on 13-22 burning.

The Eubhartaich moved to 21-6 on the season and still sits calmly to end the league. The nets, with their first win against Toronto from April 2015, are now 9-18 at the season and 4-10 at home. Toronto had been winning just 12 against the Nets before this one, this is the best fight against any team.

Here are some hard-hit attacks for the Players in a weak game with the two teams.

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Another slow start

It was another slow starter; in Toronto. A nurse set out to play an under-fives of five minutes in the first season and with his team down 5-2. Things did not get better at once because the Instruments were decreased as much as 14 in the first half and had to run 23-7 before they put the game into too long.

Life to the three, dying with the three

The three are dried for the Birds in a great way. The game started 0-7 from three and did not get much of the game. better. They went 2-8 from three in the fourth quarter and outside Leonard 6-29 each game.

Moving button to & # 39; It was a game when Toronto lost three marks in a pre-time opening; including a man by the curator by Fred VanVleet as Kawhi Leonard could not get a clean eye to win as long as he was double.

The Leonard attack blast and the MVP campaign continue

Toronto's best player was seen again because he did not get much help but was still effective. Kawhi Leonard completed 32 points on 10-21 ranges and 5-6 from a three-point range. This is the eighth time he put 30 plus screens on this season, and four of them have come in the last five games.

Its best of his game is to & # 39; Hunting from outside the arc that the Boats needed. Leonard had only three men against Brooklyn and in his last two games he is 10-12 from a distance. Leonard also hit the seven points of the Raptors in a long term.

JV tightening of crime

Jonas Valanciunas was the only Leonard player who was able to help to carry the machine against the nets.

The Lithuanian received its bad blow because of its struggle to find its rhythm earlier in the season. Valanciunas has set up 42 points in his final five quarters on basketball, including a team that is over 17 in the first half of Friday night. In the 14 quarters before that, he only 33 did.

Lowry's hero continues

The recent dropping of the radar in Kyle Lowry has now been launched. become a move. Lowry 1-8 succeeded from the field for three points, and had five trips in his 36 minutes.

He lost two broad open spaces badly in premature time and put down other open scenes. Lowry has just made four field goals in his last three games. In the last four games, it equals 35.8 minutes, 6.3 points, which fractures 21.6 percent from the range and 18.5 per cent from three, with 4.5 revival and 3.3 turns.

On the bright side it has been supporting 9.5 support in that area, and including 11 teams on Friday night. Its simple part with winning at the Raptors against the Warriors began and was followed by a game due to back spades. That surplus has not been helped but maybe get more because of the seabirds needing every star to get back to The fullest extent, it started the season and, for being healthy, if they are; going to talk for a competition in the spring.

The success of a small member

The team was the best basket piece that played late in the & # 39; Fourth quarter where Nick Nurse got heroic with her & her; his band.

Leonard leapt a dagger on the corner three to allow the Players to be ahead of a big and dirty drive from Danny Green to stop running 9-0 in a 2:09 race before Brooklyn started out with 2:33 away. This run was launched by a small member of the members that the Players did not play in a great deal but we might see how the timetable is to get a deeper start. The line was at Lowry, VanVleet, Green, Leonard and Pascal Siakam at the five group the Games got involved in the game.

Patients will be struggling late

This loss dropped the Toronto table to 1-2 in the OT of this season. Toronto has been struggling to close tight games; Clunky game attack end of crime game and revival bad. Three of their six losses (Boston, Detroit, and Brooklyn) came down to the wire against the neighbors of the Eastern Conference. Two of them came over time again and there was a man on a blow board. Their last four losses have been in 3.25 average points.

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