Mr Bus Bus Blair made a real donation to FaZe Tfue

YouTuber Popular Jimmy & MrBeast & # 39; Donaldson Fortnite for FaZe Tfue away from the stream for a few hours on December 3 – and now, the last end knows why.

MrBeet changed a yellow school bus into the Battle Bus itself from the popular batal royale title Fortale, even out inside his & her; vehicle with play, room, and beding situations.

MrBeast joined the brother of Tfue, & # 39; JOOGSQUAD, & # 39; to remove the stunt, to remove it; Bus on a 20-hour road trip from his home in North Carolina along the way to the FaZe Fortnite team in the Hollywood Hills.

Although the mail did not have a heat dish, it seems that it's like a statue; carriage – and Tfue did not remember today.

The team stopped Tfue's streams after he told him that he was only 10 minutes away, climbing through his window to predict Victory Royale than for everything in live coverage. They then hid the gamer and brought it to the gamer; bus, make sure they make a movie on their; his opinion.

Then the group removed the bus around – even stopping it with a traffic cup after going to & # 39; park your email by & # 39; bend to jump into the canal.

Tfue returned to his current (which still received 18,000 spectators, despite his long position) with a tight shirt, saying he did not leave a trip to the t- dining room. Yes MrBeast had made Tweeted about potential abusiveness With the run, the two kept secret – so far.

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