My shoots started again: click on the Humboldt Bus Bus that came from the end

Bill Graveland, Canadian Press

Published Saturday, 8 December 2018 9:51 EST

Last updated Saturday, 8 December 2018 10:14 PM EST

CALGARY – It was very difficult for Ryan Straschnitzki who lasted Humboldt Broncos last week because the bus was over. Behavior home from medicine remedies by truck.

In Straschnitzki, 19, one of the 13 who came from his & # 39; April when a team bus hit a semi-trailer at a crossing north of Tisdale, Sask. Sixteen died.

Straschnitzki, who was paralyzed from the coffin down in the crash, had been serving fisio four times a week in Calgary.

His mother says he was returning home in Airdrie when the accident occurred.

"A transport bus was involved in an accident. In and on, it would have been attractive to anyone. Ri Ryan, and, at the end, Tom and I ( On the other side called SOS), it was devastating, "his mother Michelle Straschnitzki wrote on Facebook.

"The kind of disturbance-out-of-the-bustle-still-breathe."

The crash happened on a ramp that came to Airdrie, just north of Calgary, on the last Monday, she said.

She said that her & her; The carriage was so big that he put it from his wheelchair to the floor.

"In addition to that, it really caused the PTSD to move to run over time. Behaviors back to April 6. This great memory in his head, along with a million other ideas, gave his father. Tom raised a telephony, "Straschnitzki wrote.

"Mental enters into a religious manner. When I protect, when your child is crying and feeling, with his mind "I'm sorry," she said, "and I'm staying there," Tom was a very helpful parent that night. This was November 6th. again. "

Tom Straschnitzki says his son was able to let down and get into the disaster to gather. He fortunately said that Ryan was not much worse for spending.

"All kinds," he told The Canadian Press.

"That was harder than April 6."

Michelle Straschnitzki, who has been running for crews for crews on team buses, said she hopes the latest accident will be a warning to non-motorized motorists. take care of.

"I have never wanted to hear another call from one of our children, like the same. Look at people. Look at the conditions. Follow the signs, signs, and notices. There is no prize in to get there first, "she wrote.

"Do not ever have another family going through this HEALTH."

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