NASA needs private sector assistance to get a & # 39; restarting the moon again – BGR

When NASA introduced an attack on the moon first several years ago, It was a completely free-driving business. The US was among a race race with partners abroad, and coming up soon did not go; It's a choice. These days are very different for NASA, and collaboration with other countries as well as being crucial.

Now, as NASA is preparing to review the Moon within the next decade, a spatial group to reach the private sector with the hope that the development of technologies will be extended which allows the celebrity to make the journey.

As a new post in a blog, NASA welcomes companies to take part in a & # 39; Finding renewable systems that reliably deliver astronauts to the surface of the moon and take them home safely. The agency wants to build a "secure system" for trips around and from the "Sky" surface, "which includes what it wants the Gateway.

The Gateway will be a space-oriented space station in an orbit around the moon which will be a starting point for campaigns to and from the surface. The Gateway is considerably smaller than the International Speech Station but still allows it to " crew stayed aboard for up to three months at the same time.

With the Gateway on and running NASA, it is expected to travel to Moon is much easier, with strikers to collect material from the surface of the moon to make rocket fuel:

By using the Gateway to hold on the # 39; moon to let them go; The use of the first buildings for ground floor is completely renewable. Initially, NASA expects two elements to be restored and restored by freight ships that carry fuel from Earth to Gateway. Its company also works on making technologies to make rockets; using ice water and regolith from the moon. Once there is capacity to reserve resources from the moon to go to; Transformation, NASA's planning will regenerate these elements with resources; moon itself. This process, called the use of in-situ or non-ISRU resources, will be the third renewable element and re-used.

It is obvious that this is still in the preliminary preliminary stage, but NASA wants to get the games quicker & # 39; as possible. Just like SpaceX has been a major partner in NASA in a short order, this new call for collaboration with a new private business could be introduced into the NASA. 39; go off and take it to group to need to send a man to his / her; Moon again.

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