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NASA Parker's Gesture Mass lasts for a second newsletter near the sun

NASA's Parker Taker did just a second way near the sun, the group has told him about it. By the end of last week, the spaceship was entering a step out of its second plane around the Sun, adding a further milestone to the mission. The Parker Solar Probe connected their own est record by coming within 15 million miles of the Sun.

Last year, NASA launched Parker Solar as part of its mission to study the Sun. The spaceship already hits the nearest sun list, which they will break later in future years as it moves closer to the surface. star. If everything goes as far as is expected, the experiment will be introduced within 9.86 sun radii from the Sun center by 2025.

The second event was held on 4 April at 6:40 PM EDT, according to NASA, which said that the spaceship was traveling at 213,200 miles at that time. The team who manage the Parker Solar Probe state that the spaceship released a beacon status “A” during this close operation, which means it is still in good condition. in spite of strong heat.

Before his second success was reached, the Parker Solar Probe solar conditioner was cleared from files already delivered to his team on Earth. A collection of instruments on the spaceship allows him to collect data on the Sun and physics in general, including how the acceleration of solar material at the site is at fast speeds.

The test must be standing too high during his mission, which could be made by a huge heat shield that helps to protect the protective pieces. The software allows the spaceship to hold a heat shield located to the Sun, making sure it doesn't appear to the heat without protection. Furthermore, there is a cooling system in the device.

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