News Rockstar: Red Dead 2 Online show, Bully 2 rumors and GTA 5 Online Gaming update Recreation

Red Red Dead Redemption 2 Rockstar aims to update the updates

Red Red Dead Redemption 2 Rockstar aims to update the updates (Image: ROCKSTAR GAELIC)

New updates have been released for Red Dead 2 Online this week, with a further planned for Red Dead Redemption 2 single player.

PS4 and Xbox One players can expect at least one major update to be launched later this week with Rockstar Games.

The RDR2 Online beta is currently underway and the development team has not yet given a deadline.

His first lottery was released and he changed how the multi-player economy works.

Musicians have been saying that the old system creates a lot of damage and a & # 39; means much repetition as a result of the limited means of making good money.

This has led to Rockstar to buy many things inside the online world, as well as changing payments for specific activities.

The good news is that players who have bought the weapons at the previous prices will be able to see self-sufficiency tools. offers the difference to the existing installments nowadays

"Look for a warning message next time you log in to Red Dead Online Beta to tell you about this change, it may be possible to repay up to 10 December to reach all players," write Rockstar.

It also appears that some craft things are also balanced, including the values ​​of selected skin, skin and fish as well as horse revival and leaflets.

"We want to thank Red Dead community for playing and delivering them with valuable ideas during the first week of Red Dead Online games," Rockstar wants.

"This feedback is crucial to help us create a long game and move on.

"Today we begin to set up the first set of changes to the game, and include changes aimed at knowledge create a fairer, fun, generous and valuable, across all methods and enterprise. "

Rockstar also has a new update design for single-player Red Single Redemption 2.

The beta update is coming next week and there will be more changes to its & # 39; game on PS4 and Xbox One.

This new newest renewal will be more focused on reducing online connectivity, pesticides and other issues.

"Our efforts will continue to improve and balance Beta Red Dead Online. We are aware of and yet evaluate a variety of other changes based on community feedback.

Rockstar's news now includes great updates for Red Dead 2 Online

Rockstar's news now includes great updates for Red Dead 2 Online (Image: ROCKSTAR GAELIC)

"We are currently working on problems for some of the continental foods that cause some players to be installed from sessions, and we aim to have their arrangements to live next week.

"Again, we want to thank everyone to play Beta Red Dead Online and share their knowledge so far. There is still much more to come and keep them kept. "

According to recent reports, Bully 2 could be the Rockstar Games the relaunch on PS4 and Xbox One.

Internet sleuths have found evidence that suggests that Rockstar may be in the center of Bully's sewage development.

This comes from reports of message surrender for a new AAA game.

There is a demand for "a new untitled game title by the UK's leading games player, which was shot at Pinewood Studios," touring.

And they are linked to the Bully new game; Continue to hit PS2 titles from Rockstar Games.

It is said that the phone calls are "" looking for people to " filling up young occupations, and none of the full names were given.

Details of the roles include: "Moderate violence and mischief will be used in scenes with the young player.

"The project itself is a great movie / drama, and all the scenes with the young exhibitor are treated with awareness."

There have also been calls for performers to complete the College professor's posts, which will be sent down to & # 39; I think this is for Bully 2.

It is said that the new Bully game is in development

It is said that the new Bully game is in development (Image: ROCKSTAR GAELIC)

Unfortunately, a smokeless gun that connects to & # 39; This project directly to Rockstar Games.

So fans need to bring this latest report with a high price of salt because there is no promise that can not be done for something else.

Last updated GTA 5 On-Line pension was released by Rockstar Games this week, as fans will be able to get the latest. Waiting for more information about the next DLC.

More content has been promised and balanced with new responses to Red Dead Online.

However, fans are still waiting to find out what's going on. coming for GTA 5 Online.

ETA has not been provided, so fans need to comply with what they are capable of doing right now, and collect more cash resources in a game with up-to-date activities this week:


The wild warrior wants to continue in the twice-advantageous Motor Wars this week with a $ G & Double GTA payout on December 10th. Join well-equipped herring herring and scratch for arms and Vehicles spread throughout the nursery while you are leaving; Try to eliminate the mythology of the challenging teams.


All kings or queens need a castle, so take 35% of these platforms and Stilt Houses this week as well as reducing the discounts on vehicles required from the leading companies In Andreas.

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