Nine arrested, one arrested person, as Hill Parliament flows firefighters

Nine people were arrested on Parliament on Saturday morning when campaigners and activists challenged plans by the federal government to approve the United Nations United Nations Company for migration.

Out of the nineteen, eight were released without tax, but crimes were issued, which meant that they were blocked by Hill Hill for 90 days. The person who was transferred to the Ottawa Police Service with the Parliament's Defense Services was asked to invade a police officer.

The person's name was not released.

For just over an hour, starting at about 10 a.m., partners on both sides of metal obstacles will be organized to divide them, Most of them with harassment and vocation. Nearly 50 RCMP policemen in a dispute match and at least so many regular rules of RCMP and Parliamentary Services were doing their best to keep them away.

However, sometimes a hot running, a & # 39; leading to corporate changes, as long as the police were able to; separating battles and, occasionally, they removed them. One attendant, Larry Wasslen, said campaigners launched his banner, "Death to Faismism". Freedom for the People. "

The campaigners, who had scheduled plans for the confirmation by the & # 39; policemen, those opposed to Canada's support from the UN UN Agreement for Safe, Ordinary and Regular Migration. The campaigners are opposed to those who are in fact; leaving their consensus or at least the opposition of the campaigners.

"I did not understand that these are the key players," said Wasslen, who was " move to the group. "They caught my shovel and tried to grab it, and then I took several police officers and brought me back.

"I tried to protect my banner," he said, "and instead of the cops that protected my freedom of speech, they supported the key players. People have the right to live in peace and dignity, and those superiors are trying to refuse to do so. "

Was that just that simple. As one attendant shouted, "The Nazis out of our streets," one of the targets that he was expected would not recognize himself as Craig, replied, "You do not know who I am. You do not know anything about it. "

Craig had traveled from Toronto with his 19 year old son for the show, and refused any allegations that he was a fine.

"I do not agree with Canada's UN approval assignment," he said. "That's why I'm here.

"I have no problem with people who want to come here and who want to work," he said, "but I'm staying in Toronto and I'll tell you that, right now, each hotel and a university bedroom are full of outdoor and no-one is trying to speak English.

"We all know what's right: work hard, do what you do, pay your taxes and live hard, and I'm all on your team. But I put it down because I do not agree with you? Come, a man, that's a child and a fool. My mother does not agree with my politics, but I do not hate my mother and I do not hate. You can have different political positions and still speak.

"I keep books. That's probably the worst thing you can wake up."

On the other side of the fence, there was a catastrophe disaster when he stood before exhibitors to disagree with the United Nations and damaged the fact that he had sex with his / her; to carry a flag of pole. How a police rivals started to push back on campaigners; shook, "There is no hatred, no fear, refugees are welcome here," Tara Hurford agreed that there was a need for more communication between the two sides.

"I am here especially as a citizen who believes in humanity," said Hurford, who works as an animator with Development and Peace, a Catholic international development agency. "I believe in a free speech, but I think there is a good line between speech free and hate, and I do not know that the answer is in & Give them a place. I think we need to hear and listen to their voices, instead of justifying them and telling them that they are doing it. get a dispute. We need to look deeply at their concerns and why they are afraid of exiles.

"My hope is," she said, "we could be involved in honest talk about what fears and what opportunities are there too."

If Saturday's performance had taken shape to do so, he failed, with players on both sides to do their best to encourage people involved. One argument, high quality Darla Demaries, Barrhaven, and her husband left the show out of fear for her physical safety. Demaries said she had previously participated in her first complaint out of her concerns about crime and she said she was open Canada boundaries.

"We moved to Ottawa from Montreal in 1982, and it was rarely heard of any crime, and now it's everyday … estates.

"I am completely opposed to the immigration agreement," she said, "because our borders are completely open and God knows who comes in. There is no one safe."

The two groups did not have an official estimate of the size, but it showed that fewer than 300 people participated.

The multi-campaigners left shortly after 11 a.m., and marched to Ottawa police station on Elgin Street. Before that time, Demaries and her husband had left their complaint, too, Choosing a tour again around Hill Parliament.

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