North Wales advocates say HIV guidance has a new influence

North Wales advocates are for people with HIV and people in the LGBT community; recommends changes to how people are affected by HIV-proof in the laws by law.

In Canada, it is illegal to have a person's sex and does not tell them if you have HIV, if the sex activities provide a reasonable opportunity of a & # 39; giving her virus. But on December 1, World AIDS Day, Canada's general advocate identified more precise levels for what was considered a real risk.

The guides, which are the prosecution guides, say that a case will not be taken into cases where the person has reduced the viral reduction of sink. Scientific evidence shows people who are in a position; regularly take their medicines and they may be able to search for their features; virus is so low in their blood and that it is not easy to find, and those who have these very low viral devices can not pull their virus to others.

The guidance also notes that there is no information about an oral or sex species with a coordinate without a # 39; continue to complain, unless there are other dangers. And it helps patients to go to; to consider whether the public is entitled to a & # 39; complain.

In the southern end of Canada, lawyers will Fiscal who responds to their local lawyers. So this guidance for federal Crown lawyers does not affect the countries, where levels of HIV distribution are low.

Patricia Bacon, chief executive of Whitehorse's white body, Blood Ties, says he is winning.

Carmen Logie is a professor of social work at the University of Toronto, and the Canadian Research Center in World Health Equality and Social Justice.

"We will add a bit of it [HIV] in this area of ​​… violent crime, "she said.

Bacon believes that the new guidance will reduce the stigma of experiments and its; get treatment for HIV. He will oppose "the belief that people with HIV are entitled to what they get," she said.

In the North West, speakers for sex groups, FOXY, SMASH and Rainbow Coalition also said that the move would help them; opening up difficult talks about HIV.

Nunavut did not reveal the number of HIV issues for this story, naming privacy reasons.

In Yukon, seven issues of HIV were reported between 2010 and 2014. Between 2001 and 2014, HIV levels in that area were still stable with nil to three new issues each year.

The Northwest Territories shared the detail.

Less than 35 N.W.T. residents living with HIV today, speaker Damien Healy's Health Department. That means HIV diversity in the N.W.T. there are 73 per 100,000 population. For people in Canada, that level is higher – 173 per 100,000 people living in Canada, according to the 2016 number of the AIDS Community Advocacy Commercial Advocacy agency.

Between 2001 and 2017, the number of cases reported in any year between zero and five in the N.W.T.

Starting in N.W.T., says an expert

The executive director of Paties Bacon, which is affecting Blood Blood, says that Whitehorse needs a quick test for HIV. (Le Mercedes Bacon-Taplin. Submitted by Patricia Bacon.)

Carmen Logie, associate scientist at the Women's College Research Institute that investigated the N.W.T. with FOXY and SMASH's sex education organizations, say that the move makes health providers a & public to the north are better equipped to respond if there is a future disappointment.

"We just wait for diseases that may arise in the north," she said.

Other diseases that are caused to genes, similar to chlamydia and gonorrhea, are common in the northern end, and can be used in the north, accepting the virus.

Food misuse can make it difficult for people to take drugs that can be difficult on their bodies. Generic sexual networks can allow a virus to go to a number of people. And for people in poverty or without constant housing, pressure can limit the efficacy of a medication that can be used; means keeping to & # 39; virus without knowledge.

It can also be difficult to find out what numbers of people in the north have HIV, because people who get the virus can move southwards for exams and cure for better care and to & 39; avoid shame.

An appropriate case in the north

A criminal issue on the discharge of HIV was taken through the north court in the early years of 2010.

In 2011, Bobby Kaotalok was prosecuted of sexually abusing many women in Yellowknife because he did not reveal his HIV status.

He became guilty and was convicted in 2013 for two counts of rape sex attacks. Patient patients did not answer Friday out if he has been under new instructions; It may have been getting so many taxes.

Kaolatok is again to address a tax for sexual assault. His lawyer refused, Jay Bran to refer to his case.

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