Ontario Art Gallery shows where to buy the unfinished Yayoi Kusama room to crowdfunding


That's the name on the unfinished room that's a look at the Ontario Art Gallery for the purchase of renowned artist Yayoi Kusama – that is the case if the crowdfunding campaign is successful. And yes, it's always spelled in a way, Ontario Art Gallery (AGO) said.

More than 3,000 people have been involved in adding up to the new Kusama installation that was regular, although not yet seen.

The AGO said that the campaign has brought around half of the $ 1.3 million to buy the job, but it hopes more people will be able to buy it, Given the next day of the week "Take Tuesday," which is donated for donations after going to # 39; buy "Friday Fridays".

Here's a look inside the room:

The crowdfunding art gallery is to buy the permanent installation. 0:37

The main installation, which will be a special place at the Downtown Toronto gallery, has features on the ground on the ground and is hanged from the roof – similar to the work Narcissus Garden, who was in charge of a large room in the AGO in the Kusama show last year's last year.

There is a rectangular column similar to the LED-lit room, which creates what is a; feeling a feeling as an unfinished room inside an unfinished room.

The Yayoi Kusama work, shown here, was celebrated in a special AGO exhibition last year that the gallery said that 169,000 people would attract. (Mike Segar / Reuters)

Four able to enter the room, which will be due to arrive in spring 2019.

The AGO said that over 16,000 people have been examining last year's Infinity Mirrors display, which had a number of rooms created by the Japanese artist as well as other works of art.

To date, only 17 museums worldwide are home to one of the rooms seen by Kusama.

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