OPEC walks are broken away from the table

After six hours of debates, OPEC did not agree on Thursday any special oil cutting agreement as members are disturbing the way they have done; They will learn the productivity cuts and who will be free from product reduction, and all the signs aim to archive the archive; Waiting to see how big Russian is agreeing to be cut before it finds out that it is possible to handle.

OPEC has blocked its scheduled news conference after the meeting on Thursday and Saudi Arabia Khalid al-Falih Minister said that a quarter still agreed "agreement" after the meeting ended. The main recommendation debated was a cut of about 1 million bpd.

"I'm not sure about agreement," said al-Falih, saying "Russia is not ready for a big cut."

The Russian Power Minister, Alasdair Novak, participates in the talks with neo-OPEC Friday, after receiving guidance from President Vladimir Putin on the Russian state's position. with the cuts.

Even not to wait for Russia's permission, the OPEC meeting was more controversial than usual, The main "point" was agreed by all the representatives, according to Saudi minister.

Another point was there; which could be free from the cuts.

Iran does not participate in any product cuts until it is under US sanctions, whose minister of oil Bijan Zanganeh has said, saying today's speeches are that we are "hard". He asked for clarification, e answered "It's harder than ever … but we're trying to get an agreement."

According to a representative who spoke to Bloomberg, he was one of the controversial debates at the Thursday meeting at least when the Freedom of Independence will be given.

Libya has also asked for freedom, which shows a weak security situation, and Nigeria, who was with Libya free from the original contract, was open to join with cuts. According to Nigerian oil minister Emmanuel Kachikwu, the larger representatives within OPEC should have more shoulders of the supply reductions.

As well as barrel counting and & # 39; Looking at an application repository, OPEC today was unhappy with some of the members who are currently in attendance. opposing Saudi Arabia to create over each other by making a " pumping at recordings, and for sending a big voice in the oil production policy a quarter.

The deal-no-deal saga will take place on Friday, & # 39; The oil market was hanged, with prices down 3% at 1:16 p.m. EDT.

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