Sunday , February 23 2020
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Opera for Android With VTN Now Remove | News & Comment

Version 51 of the mobile browser is launched today on Google Play and includes VPN beta users being free to enjoy past month.

Opera for Android 51 with VPN

Last month, Opera announced that there would be a private online network of VPN which is completely built into a version of its mobile web browser for Android. Today, VPN is available to everyone with the opening of Opera for Android 51 at the Google Play store.

The built-in VPN was sent out to beta tests early in the last month and had a duty to work out the kinks. It is clear that there is not much that Opera is now happy to do with the masses that use Android itself in anger. It is a free and infinite service that Opera believes "identifies a new status for privacy and security in mobile browsing."

Peter Wallman, SVP Opera browser for Android, said: "More than 650 million people already use VPN services around the world, and with Opera they can now access an unauthorized service and a torch that improves your privacy and privacy … The VPN service to an Opera browser, using users very difficult to steal parts of their information, makes users no longer need to be traced. ask if they can protect the personal information in these circumstances. '

As with VPN, enabling a device to help protect your privacy and provide extra security when using public Wi-Fi hotspot.

By allowing access to VPN, simply visit and install the Opera browser option screen. There is also an option to select a particular category that you can connect to, a few websites or services may be gendered free on your mobile device. You do not have a login process and Opera logs are not controlled by Opera.

If you want to try it, move on to Google Play and download Opera for Android 51.

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