Organizations require consistent policies to limit HIV allegations

Eby was not available to comment.

Dan McLaughlin, spokesperson spokesman said, the continent is reviewing its & # 39; his policy and has been considering changes to take the lead of the militant lawyer.

The review will endeavor to ensure that policy B.C. "to deal with public safety concerns and fairness and fairness issues in a way that is consistent with the law," he said in a statement.

Elliott, one of the speakers on Tuesday's case at the Simon Fraser University, said that about 210 people across the country were arrested for saying that HIV was not published, the second highest in the world, after the United States.

Valerie Nicolson of Vancouver has been positive with HIV since 2004 and said that the viral responsibility had not been terrible since 2008 due to the antiretroviral healing she has.

Nicolson, a member of the Canadian Federation of HIV Crime Reform, said B.C. there is "behind the time" with its publishing policy.

She said she always showed her status to sex partners but that information was used against her by a man who gave her a year and a half after they had finished completing their relationship She was her husband and he wanted the police.

"I was staying in fright for waiting for six months to get on the door so that the cops were there," she said. "I work in this area and if that can do so for me what it is doing for someone else (s)? Do they live in a non- behaved? "

It was the big worst; she had no means to prove that she had a conversation with her about her HIV status at the start of their relationship, MacNeacail said.

Angela Kaida, a physician-wide health illness at Simon Fraser, who has an interest in the links between HIV and sexual health and breeding, has said that the conversation that is growing about her & her. virus that is cured to include the most recent scientific evidence.

"People can live in normal life expectancy, they can have babies, these babies can be HIV-negative and healthy. People can take sex and do not. ; giving HIV, "said Kaida, who is also a lecturer at the university on Tuesday.

"We have that science but have not been resolved by stigma, discrimination and insecure information about HIV. The evidence tells us that although we commit criminals to people who are not public health ambition. "

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