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Ottawa describes a new air passenger bill

Canadian passengers who are blocked by aircraft as a result of overcoming or involved in lost luggage; See more difficult rules for compensation

Minister of Transport will make Marc Garneau a & # 39; The first version of the long air passenger leaflet awaits later on the & # 39; morning. The information will be published in Canada Gazette, and Canada is encouraged to submit comments.

Garneau does the news at 11 a.m. ET CBC will live it.

The rules would establish a compensation scheme as a law for people who have delayed removal or suspension, or when they have been delayed. air crash in their luggage.

Garneau's office stated that passengers are entitled to compensatory funds when the purpose of delay is the responsibility of the company, including mechanical issues and overcoming issues – but not if the weather is there.

"It's a huge investment to buy an airline ticket for most of the Canadian. It is important to ensure that the regulations are in place to ensure that they get Their best chance, "said Delphine Denis, Garneau spokesman.

The bill also includes rules that allow parents to sit beside their children without being able to; tax charge.

Denis said that the compensation system is based on a delayed period, which means more compensation later with delays.

The regulations will vary according to the size of the air, she said.

His Parliament approached Bill C-49, who is in agreement with Bill. permits passenger rights rules, earlier this year, but went to the Canadian Transport Agency to identify the specific places that would allow compensation to work.

There are already some rules for passengers who are blocked or lost on their luggage, but all the ferry companies can go to; setting its own rules and compensation folder.

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