Pacastan launches a vaccine in polio and struggling to face

Over 270,000 health workers have stopped throughout Pakistan in a five-day drama to immunize millions of children against polio, Monday officials said, because the country was launched to phased disease.

The devil would focus on 40 million children under the age of five, according to Babar Bin Atta, a spokesman; prime minister for polio issues.

Pakistan and Afghanistan are among just a few countries in the world where polio is still endemic.

But the UN vaccine campaign helps Pakistan to control the division. The number of newly-influenced children has come down just eight to date this year compared to 306 in 2014.

Atta said that the army, the police and the paramilitary forces were providing security to health workers when they gave up their service. vaccine.

The disease, which is capable of poorer children around the world, is more prevalent in the northwest area of ​​the country's fame near Afghan borders, which was under the control of al-Qaeda activists for the last few years.

The militants have killed a number of health and police workers by believing that their The polio vaccine aims to make children feel weird.

A series of military offenses was launched against the militants from 2014 to ensure that staff can reach children in previously unprecedented areas.

Four cases were recorded this year in the department, three in the Balochistan continent and one in the Karachi city port.

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