Pennecon will be building where she has been. left at Muskrat Falls at Astaldi – but there is a cost under trees

Pennecon has been a contract to start the Muskrat Falls generation facility, but the amount that is getting to her; company is secretly protected.

Stan Marshall, Director of Nalcor, said Thursday that Pennecon had been helping to take over a "important job" on the site of his "megaproject" site.

That work is to reduce "pay and pay" risks due to the closure of Astaldi.

So what is the value of the contract?

"The value of the contract is commercially sensitive at this time with the ongoing legal proceedings for the Muskrat Falls generation project," said Karen O Neil, communications manager at Nalcor Energy by e-mail CBC.

"Information on the project is not commercially sensitive, and it will still be shared publicly," Neil added to her; email.

Chief Executive of Nalcor Energy, Stan Marshal, said Pennecon had been employed to complete the Muskrat Falls project. (Gary Locke / CBC)

She said "The current capital cost that is going to complete its entire project is $ 10.1 billion."

Astaldi Canada, the main contractor for the Muskrat Falls project, and Naclor is currently in a legal battle.

Astaldi noted a court court – said Premier Dwight Ball "banned a cash flow" to pay 120 managers with remuneration – and Nalcor attempts to " repeat that verdict.

The case is now resolved through settlement.

That means very little to the people who Waiting for a debt salary, they may not see that money before Christmas.

In October, Nalcor stated that he was in a position; The closing of the financial company and ordering a stop-stop, after not worrying; can Astroll pay.

Workers on the way

Pennecon will start at Newfoundland and Labrador and will add staff to the site "right away," Marshall said.

"The company recognizes Nalcor's based recruitment protocols that provide a choice of option recruitment for members with Innu Nation certification, and later by -and and then island residents, "read the statement.

Work with other contractors will continue on the project as expected, Marshall said.

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