Play Plays LEGO's app to launch with NINJAGO theme after WWDC demo

LEGO is now officially implemented on the LEGO AR game on iOS, including ARKit technology to bring real LEGO sets together with an expanded activity. The first ARKit playground application from the company is to reached by the NINJAGO theme.

The app, which first appeared at WWDC in June this year, shows how ARKit was opened to developers. Instead of placing a place on a traditional set, LEGO hopes that customers will inspire more corporate purchases to buy more fun to digital.

Fortunately, LEGO's hosting the app is friendly, because there is not advertising (in addition to the LEGO advertisement, indeed), and none of these apps are there for a & # 39; try unsuccessful children.

As previously stated, there is a similar LEGO AR Stuido app (not available in the US) that shows an act similar to gamplay to the LEGO AR new playground.

The whole news release can be read below.

LEGO® NINJAGO® AR – the first one that's & # 39; appear as a test of the LEGO Theater

Using the famous theme LEGO NINJAGO, This playground using AR technology to get to & # 39; Finding the corporate scenes LEGO NINJAGO Dragon Hunters and bringing them alive with emotional influences, animations and interactions.

The game will use the multi-user support in Apple's ARKit technology, and # 39; allows two players to connect and play together in the same place as shared play.

Users can connect to a friend to fight against the Dragon Hunters, their power and 3D divide, and # 39; Creating strategies to stand out on the unfinished Dragon Hunters' waves and even compare high scores with friends.

LEGO play areas for all ages. However, the first LEGO NINJAGO AR playground is recommended for ages 9+ due to play and story complexity.

The LEGO NINJAGO AR playground uses two sets from the LEGO NINJAGO Dragon Hunters subject: LEGO® NINJAGO® Dieselnaut (70654) and LEGO® NINJAGO® Dragon & Pit (70655).

Key features of play at LEGO NINJAGO AR:

  • Bring Physical LEGO Sets to Life with an AR influence, animation and exciting games
  • Play with friends in the same place ON shared around you
  • Explore corporate LEGO settings and find new interactions.
  • Objectives Location & Sharing in AR to create special game areas by friends.
  • Preliminary Power Solution and raise up your character.
  • Test for Ninja Skills & Strategies to keep the enemies away and last as long as possible. What is your high score?

For current LEGO experience, Ninjago AR is available in LEGO playgrounds, there is a 5-stage play option with no corporate LEGO situation. The application only uses a flat surface and allows us to play in AR only. Naturally, we will encourage players to go to; going out and a fun solution to the corporate LEGO seats; already.

The Play Play Play app is free for free. No purchases or apps or any ads or marketing missions.

The AR technology that is used in the iPhone 6s application and higher, with the latest iOS updates.

Download LEGO AR game areas for Apple App Store for iOS devices here.

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