Player Levels: McDavid, Draisaitl is running as Edmonton Oilers tame Wild

Wild 2, Oilers 7

Edmonton Oilers finally got their business on Friday night, and fought for three goals in the # 39; The first ten minutes for the previous Oiler and Devan Dubnyk's nemesis; at the moment from the cage, and then send three more in the last ten to run 7-2 broadcast.

Occasionally, things were sometimes very happy with the visitors; spending a lot of awful time in the end of the ice, but Cam Talbot had the answers at a critical time, and denounced at least two sad fortunes of opportunities that were almost one-off lead lead on the Oilers. The cleaner is often not allowed to get a game star in 7-2 promotion but Talbot has been nominated as the third star and so deserves it.

He returned behind the huge attack guns by Oilers, Connor McDavid and Leon Draisaitl, for 3 goals and 7 points to empower the invasion disaster.

This game was closer to that score. Efforts turned 64-61 Oilers, 33-32 Wild Shots, although the effects of a score on the course were a & # 39; Almost every game long. If not, I do not Hocaidh Cult co-worker David Staples, I have not yet had detailed data of hunting opportunities for this one, although I had a chance of starting at Level A at 14-13 Edmonton. 7 out of 14 visitors look, it's not bad.


Podcast broadcast after a game

The Edmonton Oilers were fired on everything – well, a & # 39; Most – Friday night cylinders, pouring seven past their old Minnesota Wild Nemesis on the way to a 7-2 win. Bruce McCurdy of the Cult of Hockey Crazylasian is victorious about winning.

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Player levels

# 4 Kris Russell, 6. One of the people who spent too much time behind him, lost his & her; A great climbing battle, but making a lot of plays strong in tightness with his own net. One early unit he saw to cut a dangerous pack at the edge of his / her; war, and then removes a hard obstruction from the slot media after that. Breaking up another dangerous pass at the mouth of the weather on important mid-game pipe killing. He supported a game winner with a small passport back to McDavid (who still had much work to do!). He released the solution that failed to fill the boards of the second Wild Visit. Late night 0-1-1, +1 with 2 shots, 2 goals, 2 strips and 2 blocks.

# 5 Kevin Gravel, 6. Minny was first shot on Minny's first visit when Matt Hendricks removed his check easily on her. wall ready to feed Marcus Foligno in the slot, so he had a strong vision. He had a secondary support for McDavid's game winner, with +2 at night in 13 minutes with strength even. There was no dangerous danger from the slot when he came tightly to the play.

# 6 Adam Larsson, 7. His game had a start when Larsson took a "unknowing" loop from Jason Zucker on his & her; button and went down for account. Fortunately, he returned after the 15 minutes in the quiet room (about 10 minutes of clock) and is still 21 minutes of activity, often as usual. They went back to a stylish hard style as it was normal, with the Oilers guide with 6 visits and 2 blocks stopped and stopped; earn more than one division of property chats on the walls. Twice, I thought he would get a "cheap" support but none was given at the same time and so he would have to settle for a good job +2 at night.

# 8 Ty Rattie, 6. Performed on six lines that was very effective and did not allow one attempt at an uninhabited scene during twenty-eight minutes (Fenwick of + 8 / -0). If 1 had been saved and made a good logo on the phone. It is very good on the walls and there is a much longer reach than its stick than a 6-player game player. He also brought the body efficiently (3 goals) and attacked one wild defender with bad duck on the last boards.

# 16 Jujhar Khaira, 8. Strongly on the stream and on the trip. There were 2 other (primary) support and suddenly up to 10 points on the season, which included 5 in the last 4 games. A & # 39; First aid was in one cheesy with a bad bad play by Dubnyk, even though he was in attendance; make sure that DD was getting rid of the revival. But it was full of value and then some for the second apple with a little bit on its & # 39; end wall, winning several battles before giving a huge passport that was a sheltered shelter. 13 minutes on second advantageous line, and another minute on the PK.

# 23 Ryan Spooner, 6. He established an effective line between Zykov and Rattie that influenced playing stream while & as he was giving anything. 2 shots, 3 visits, and some nice and glossy floors.

# 25 Nurs Darnell, 5. A static line shows fast 1-1-2, +1 in 23:50 with 4 front-line protection. The help of someone was cheap, the full value stored on the slot to finish the scoring. But a chaos behind her has gone into the final Nurse's game and there was enough Friday. As a result of his weak cleaning and without failing to be & # 39; Cutting out an overseas pass he overwhelmed Minny's power of power. Desiring to cover his or her zones on the goal of Nino Niederreiter who took 4-2 in third place. The minutes had a comedy of mistakes later when he dropped off to allow the glass to be clean from the slot, then hitting it with a team team and tried but puck did not succeed knee loose, and he could not do it; looking but help from 15ft away as Talbot saved the day with two stops, or it would be a 4-3 game with a lot of time left.

# 27 Milan Lucic, 5. One of the people who hit the first Wild Visit, won this back with help for a good neutral zone pass to Kassian in the early third to finish a game without a game 11. Later It was possible to have ten-bell but the only thing that had been; He has to make iron, and & # 39; Extending his headless to 28 games. Watching Lootch plays in those days it's hard to believe he has got the 20-tad and 50-point score points to reach five trips.

# 28 Caol Brodziak, 5. He had also been on the first Wild Visit, but he stopped back with a strong attempt that he had; including good work on killing penalty and the best team 12/18 = 67% on his face button. I made a good pass to Lucic for a brilliant opportunity that did not last well. 1 picture, 2 hit, 1 pub.

# 29 Leon Draisaitl, 8. Performed "just" 22:07, the lowest total in two weeks but still enough to take Edmonton for the next six games because Hitchcock is still keen on the & # 39; Big Germany. Beat Dubnyk with a quick start in the first time, and his & # 39; hitting Stalock with similar drilling in the third. Stalock was stolen on another big look in the middle frame. Restricting its & # 39; Easy to go for his first episode (regular season) at the end of the time, instead of being & # 39; feed a nursing nurse for the final device. Lobbed paste sauce in the neutral belt that was as neutral as well as # 39; it was awful. He only gave 4 faces for some reason, getting 3 of them. His 7 troops' efforts and 5 shots had the aim of managing the improvements in the two divisions. Excellent immersion candidates 2-1-3, +4 at night. Back for> 40 visitors and> 90 points.

# 33 Cam Talbot, 8. I was not delighted with the first Minny visit to find a hole in the screen and to play another in Talbot over the visiting line, but I did not. He looked good at that one. He stopped everything he saw, including a 4-series series on Charlie Coyle and Zach Parise in a 5-a-fourth race, coming from 11, 9, 7 and 8 feet. They redistributed 4 other exhibitions on the dangerous power that would continue to maintain the direction. He fired another fifteen flame near the third time when he stole Mikael "Dash-Five" Granlund and Eric Staal quickly, just two seconds before his Draisaitl prize at his next one to send away at 5-2. The last score was more beautiful but most of the strongest performances from the singer, especially in the middle of a scary frame, would not Most nearby costings. 33 shots, 31 frees, .939 percentage saving.

# 39 Alex Chiasson, 6. He hit the 12th of his year when he placed a peak on his right position Khaira from a close range, his only sight of the night. In addition he played a lot of decoration while McDavid and Draisaitl worked the magic behind them. There were difficulties in getting a battle on the walls alone of the ice. However, it's hard to argue by night +4.

# 44 Zack Kassian, 6. His line lost his battlefield but he even broke the scout, and thanked Kassian's eyes from a striking impact on Stalock's incredible and illusion. making iron on its way to the nets. His second goal and momentum of the season gave the Olearan the same sight of this game. A 2:25 team team was played on the PK, and # 39; strive one row when he got Ryan Suter's top star in the belt and did not; He can help to set out the fire that came after him, but the pitch stayed out and the unit continued to Keep a clean page at night.

# 73 Valentin Zykov, 5. Hit the first scores page at Oiler when he took off a penalty in the neutral zone, but his companion killed the same thing easily. In addition he added a strong format if it was composed by Spooner and Rattie who controlled control drift. 0 shots, 2 shots, touch, and banned a picture in the first game in blue and orange.

# 77 Oscar Klefbom, 6. The crew was raised again in the iceberg by 24:33, and in the troops's efforts with 8, even as one of them got on to prove the visitor. He took an essential penalty when he caught a Varsi stick in the four perspective barrages without taking into account the wild wild.

# 83 Matt Benning, 6. He has been living in regular collaboration with Gravel. Look, in the last six games (in which the O-5-1-0) are 68%, 68%, 53%, 64%, 54%, and 62% ; in benning & clearing turns. The second half is based on 16 attempts for, 10 against vs. the Wild. There was one time when he walked. It was up to three accommodation, but it was 4 visits, helped and put on 3 at night.

# 93 Ryan Nugent-Hopkins, 7. Another strong night online with Khaira and Puljujarvi. At eight minutes, eight minutes at that time, Oilers broke the 9-6 wild and killed 2-1. One of these goals came out on the Nuge stick when he continued with his own gun and stopped his arrest; Breaking a gun away from Dubnyk. Just 10/18 = 56% on the dot on the night the Edges became a 33/57 = 58% team.

# 97 Connor McDavid, 9. I had been jumping in his step away from the hop (so speak) and that was; It means a big challenge for the Wild at this night. He was at the heart of the first goals, the third, the fifth, and the seventh Oilers aims. His virtual way was formalized through a new dress found by Draisa's failure to open the scam. He who won his final game on a single-person unique tour through the attack area, went up, down, around and finally through the befuddled defender before throwing a shot from the top slot who was Going into the back of the net Before Dubnyk flipped. Turning a broken play to & # 39; Going into a single-touch drive again to Drasaitl for another wide open view that closed the 5-2 issue. He started playing a three-way trip with Draisaitl and Nurse, who finished scoring. 3 scenes, 2 other seagulls, and an unusual but uncomfortable number of large rushes and / or near the nobles. But the only 4/11 = 36% in her & # 39; a red face, however. Jokes are alike, these accounts, although they are very important, are compared to the number of pockets that wins it every night.

# 98 Jesse Puljujarvi, 6. Showing signs that he is learning to & # 39; process, play a bit more patience, & # 39; dump deep pucks and then use their speed, & # 39; move, reach and & # 39; handle the boards completing and participating in the & # 39; tour. Progress is being made. Rome was not built in a day, and "Rome" is a shorter word than "Puljujarvi".

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