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Pocket healthcare: how smart phones prevent disease

Здравоохранение в кармане: как смартфоны будут предупреждать болезни

Healthcare moves slowly to a smartphone. Heart rate, respiratory rate, blood pressure and body temperature, blood sugar levels. All of these can find mobile technology: if the job is OK – the time is a doctor. Some mechanisms that promise to stop a stroke in a few hours. Such devices are attached to the body or used as a bracelet or watch, and all health features are displayed through a smartphone app.

Overall, he got the name of mHealth – mobile health.

How is moving health

Electrocardiogram for 10 smartphone seconds. And pulses, frequency and depth of breath, and temperature. All these types of cardioms have a small device attached to the bottom of the coffin. All data is distributed to smartphone. Otherwise, there are not some typical signs, Cardiomo gives advice on how to maintain the normal status, for example. If the required status is, the device wants to go to the doctor, and information about the health of the person will be sent to relatives.

"One day I gave me my name. Complain she can not get out of bed and she is ill. I asked what to call me, no He said he did not want to attract him. He was disturbed, and then I thought of the device that removes the medical information and offers it in an easily understandable format through your app to your phone. At the end, we made Cardiomo. It's a device that offers a high quality cardiogram , an alarm rate, a skin temperature and a smartphone display. Importantly, it will give up the dynamics. For example, if the device is Seeing the collision is not similar to the normal, it compares the ECG and gives advice on how to keep a normal hit or suggest that you meet doctor. Just as important, if there is something wrong Something wrong, the family gets an inspirational message on their mobile phone, "said Roman Belkin, a founding Cardiomo co-founder.

Family doctor Yuri Bykov believes that such a device is a good way of self-health. But I'm not sure it's right.

"I often see on patients 'caterpillars' handsets or cluttered watches. That's good, if they keep track of their work, they will reach the goal. If, for example, one will notice that the weight or The heart goes above average, and it comes to me, I'm just happy to have taken care of their health. But, at his office, I do not believe the weight will be; show the machine ", – said Bykov.

Healthy future games

Healthcare is increasingly linked to mobile technologies. The next step in the development of a new Belkin known as Health 3.0. For example, people who used to rely on health to hospitals and doctors – doctors could not explain the critical results. The patient did not understand what they are and just what they say – drink some or no pills; doing some procedures.

We are now at Health level 2.0 – the health of the patient who looks after a GP doctor; need to be placed to a specialist doctor.

"Health3.0 excludes everyone's attention to the person and hangs on his health. But to understand what he does and what is wrong. The first is in the store, when people can monitor the work. Then more complex tools that affect collision, blood pressure, EKG, "- said the Belkin.

Today it is available to download 325 miles of mobile health apps. Half of them were based on other tools such as caterpillars of fitness, according to the Research2Guidance research. Programs of this type in the world of users are downloaded 3.7 billion times. However, their criteria or eligibility are not criteria.

Beginners may be the United States. A year ago in the United States a plan has adopted digital health development. In America, it has been widely considered as a tool for improving public health. For example, to prevent obesity, cardiovascular diseases. And the FDA is the Office for the quality of materials and medicines – to demonstrate machine efficiency and & # 39; make suggestions for use. Recently FDA agreed to be used for medical purposes; first FreeStyle Free Meteorogenic blood glucose for diabetes. The unit offers the option not to & # 39; gives blood long and is & # 39; blood glucose measurement, but they need to be monitored after each meal. The FDA provided instructions for the use of Apple Watch in the medical purposes.

In Europe behind the people who are older and older; Increase healthcare costs, there is also scope to see in health.

MHealth solutions can help to develop the development of chronic infections at an early stage by self-isolation and for remote diagnosis; time intervention help. Consideration can be given to improving quality of life and even raising life expectancy by encouraging new ways of encouraging "healthy behavior", according to "Moving Health Green Booklet" at European Commission.

According to Health Economics prejudice, a digital health market will reveal more and more technological solutions for diabetes. For diabetes and then "obesity" and "depression".

However, in a short electronic electronic time, it is unlikely to put the medical device in place, Sergey Mityaev, co-founder and creative director of Gagadget, said. At the same time, regular use can be a diagnostic tool and preventing adverse health effects.

"The main health problem is that patients are going to the doctor, when everything is" a "; run. "Today's current administrators have a good trust in how to count their mail. New Apple watch allows you to measure the ECG. The future is such even more tools. The main objective is to monitor the indicators and report (first and foremost user) when They are overlooked by ordinary computers and are now unavailable without computers. All doctors use Viber to submit files (search results, analysis, and so on), "said Mityaev.

Здравоохранение в кармане: как смартфоны будут предупреждать болезни

Здравоохранение в кармане: как смартфоны будут предупреждать болезни


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