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Postposters are looking for Burnaby room buildings

BURNABY (NAIDHEAN 1130) – Burnaby RCMP is searching & # 39; a poor thief and they say they were Breaking into room buildings to do midnight litter.

They say that there may be five people involved in plans for postage from many buildings over the last few weeks. It is not clear if they work together.

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Cpl. Daniela Panesar says in some cases that they have postponed from up to 100 boxes, and they are spilled out in minutes, using tools such as paths to open them.

"They are included, whether it is by breaking the doors, or maybe they continue in unoccupied residents, offenders who attempts to do these clearances, and people are dropping in, "she said.

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The police give warning that the thieves do not; Looking just for money, credit cards and other valuable items. They may be able to provide personal and confidential information that may be listed on bills. Offenders can take that information and a pair with information about social media protocol to make more crime, such as identifying theft, and fraud.

"We have seen issues where a person is suspected of ordering a credit card and has returned to the accommodation and is interim inspected, waiting for the & # 39 ; that card of belief, "said Panesar.

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The police allow them to release an image of the cheats, hoping that someone can recognize them.

"This is a huge cost to the public. Not only have you stolen by stealing your mail, but then it will be longer than that," she says. "You may suffer identity identity, as well as other financially-affected earphones."

They provide advice on & # 39; preventing this type of bandwidth, such as building your email to & # 39; let them go, not to let strangers through the door, and to; Reporting suspicious activity to the police when it occurs.

– With files from Isabelle Raghem

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