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Putting down on Canola in Canada is the second company, Viterra, brought back

The second Canadian firm was allowed to sell canada to China, which became one of the world's largest Canada stores.

The latest migration includes Viterra Inc. t from Regina, Reuters and Bloomberg reciting on Tuesday. The company, formed as a result of the amalgamation of the bath at Saskatchewan, was the main consumer of the canal.

A company from Canada Richardson International made the same choice when the Chinese government said it had discovered a dangerous pest such as a fungus in the company's canopy, so it stopped every vessel.

Last week, the Canadian Council of Canada nominated orders from China to dry privately in a number of canals retailers.

China's prohibition of Viterra is immediate.

In establishing the move, Chinese subject officers said the Dalian and Nanning ports had identified the same plots in Viterra canals.

The company did not respond immediately to requests for a comment from the WBQ News.

Speaking to journalists in Winnipeg on Tuesday, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said the federal government is putting the position "very important."

Watch the First Minister's comments here:

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau spoke to journalists in Winnipeg on Tuesday 1:48

“We know that canvassing here in Canada is of a very high standard and its study, study and science that surrounds what we do here are excellent and excellent, and quality, and that's something we are going to feel … Chinese mediators on this issue. "

The unexpected conflagration canopy is disputed by diplomatic disputes between the two countries, as was captured by the Huawei Wanzhou operations team in Vancouver last year. T , on behalf of American authorities.

Canada's export is more than anyone else, and China is a major consumer. (Scott Galley / CBC)

China has been strong against the arrest of Meng, and the pressure on Canada to close that move. The country has forced two Canadian industrialists to rape, and now they are attacking a battle over a canoe – a remarkable crop in Canada.

Canola is a type of redcoat which has a distinctive yellow flower and has been created by Canadian researchers in the 1970s. Seeds can be drained into edible oil, and brassie throws out also produce very good animal feed.

Canada exports more cane than anybody else in the world. Last year, about 40 per cent of the Chinese were sent to China, worth about $ 2.7 billion.

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