Quebec's mosque engineer gets life, not to be able to go. talk for 40 years

QUEBEC CITY: A 29-year-old died a mosque dead martyr at Quebec City in the worst invasion of Islamic in the West who got life imprisoned on Friday (February 8).

Alexandre Bissonnette must wait for 40 years – longer than usual – before he can apply for a parole.

In his decision, Judge Francois Huot refused a lawsuit request for a 150 year old, and b. He is the oldest ever in Canada, saying "Canada's Law would be uncommon and unusual punishment.

But he also noted how "immigrant Muslim immigrant hate" was dead.

"You killed six of your co-operation with just crime being different from yourself," said Huot in court.

"With your grief and madness, you are destroying my life, your own and your parents, and the crime you have made worthy of the best assignment," he said.

University student at the time of hunting, Bissonnette seemed to have been tidied by national and historical ideals to be able to do. murdered "unsuitable and deadly" that wanted to "eliminate the basic values ​​of the benefits," said the judge.

The attack at the Islamic Cultural Center of Quebec in the quiet area of ​​Sainte-Foy in the oldest Canadian town in which he decided, declining in Canada's history "written in blood" is one of the worst tragedies in this country.

As the 246 page was read over a six-hour time, Bissonnette sat quietly in the courtroom, and watched his legs as long as she was. and sent his parents and friends and family of people who had tears from their eyes.


Outside the courtroom, Aymen Derbali, who had been left quadriplegic in the shooting, said that "Bissonnette was very sad and surprising" was getting more time.

"I was hoping to be right for victims, the people who died, and that the sentence showed how important the crime was," he said.

"This was a terrible attack in a place of worship."

It was circulated by members who lamented that they would have to face Bissonnette at a future parliamentary hearing and to do so; influencing the disaster, president of the mosquito, Boufeldja Benabdallah, said: "We are completely swept away."

On January 29, 2017, Bissonnette went into the City of Quebec kettle and killed girls on the 40 men and four children who had a conversation among those after afternoon prayers.

There was a security video movie that showed blood to be crucially and strategically and easily; shooting dozens of shots, returning to a safe place to re-hold his pistol nine miles at least four times, "as he played video game," recites one witness.

Six men were killed and five were injured.

Those who had been victims of all of the double neighbors who emigrated to Canada in recent decades were: two Algerians, two Guinea, Moroccan and Tunisian.

A child, a butcher, a day care operator, a food business worker, a public servant and a computer programmer; all linked to religion.

It was introduced without education and education, Bissonnette was mentioned after being arrested as a white man against a Muslim immigrant but not being connected to any group.

At the beginning of his trial in 2017, he said he had been self-fatal, "washed away fearfully and with a terrible disappointment," and his. disturbing his "incredible" actions.

He also told the court he was hoping for "a ray of hope at the end of the long, dark tunnel I lost on January 29"

Residents found evidence about these clutch minds under the fire and their suffering from hunting: a man who leaving a path of blood on the floor as long as it was pulled to a hidden place, and another still still. Feeling pain from a wallpaper debris leaving his legs after treatment.

Many said they are struggling with concern, and # 39; including one who said that he is now leaving safe when he goes out to a coffee shop or store.

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