Regular exercise can continue to run; younger group

The muscles of females and men who were regularly used for decades were found to be disinfected in many ways from those who are healthy many of the young people in an active septuagenarians research group published in Journal of Applied Physiology.

The oldest active companies were also at a higher level than most of the people of their own age group, and results were shown to be biological about 30 years younger than their age; done, according to the researchers.

Everyone every day the body is hosting, who is very much interested in what can expect the body to do so; grow in the years and decades later. Statistics and ideas suggest that older people illness, respite, and dependence, but has not been established by science at least if that physical decline is inevitable by age or is largely due to modern life and that it is possible to change S-

Many reviews have suggested that physical activity can change as we are age. Older athletes have recently been found to find healthier bricks, protective systems, hearts and muscles of uninhabited people of the same age; but many of these surveys have been focused on competitive athletes, not those who are in the process of doing so. leisure activities and very few women have included

Ball State University was looking at a specific set of men and older women who began to work through the attributes of people who had been in a position. participating as a sport in the 1970s who either ran to case for the last 50 years, or not to # 39; competition now. 28 participants have been employed and include 7 active women in their knowledge. Age was matched to older people who were not used during childhood, and a group of people in the 20s was also employed.

All topics were checked in the laboratory for aerobic abilities, and a number of chapels and levels of special devices were installed in the # 39; measuring grass by using beard cheesecake; There are high numbers for each person to show fever health.

The cardiovascular system and muscles were targeted as they are believed to be a declining age. It was anticipated that the pattern of governance would be in differences between the groups. The younger subjects were expected to be the most generous muscles and aerobic abilities, with longevity exercises slightly weaker on both counting, and older ones becoming worse. But they did not find those results.

The older muscle muscles were similar to some of the youngest subjects with many words and similar engines and far more than muscle themes of elegant old people. Aerobic humorous abilities were lower than subjects younger than their subjects, but their abilities were 40% higher than their peers.

When comparing the current capacities of aerobic subjects with some "normal" abilities based at different ages, researchers reported that the cardiovascular disease was those that were older than 30 years younger than themselves.

The conclusions gathered about cardiovascular and muscle health in older people are active in suggesting that what is being done can be done; It is considered to be the normal way of physical decline of age being normal or unstable; and that exercise can help to build a good health reserve at an age of age that can allow us to; harassment or older age physical fitness solution.

As this study was subdividing only to build one minute in its life; A subject can not say whether physical practices directly caused a difference in health if genes, foods or other lifestyle factors were in place; added. In addition, bonebone and important healthcare steps are not important, or whether you can start to use late in the & # 39; life and their only benefits; but the team plans to explore some of these issues in future surveys.

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