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Research: A mental health attachment depends, in part, on what it is; take forward –

There is a growing and growing group of evidence. show that those at the bottom of the socio-economic increase are more likely to die before those at the top. The special pattern is not for people: Over many social, lower social, poorer or health.

This may prove to prove that these gaps are not explicitly explained by risk factors that are often presented to people, such as smoking, drinking or access to medical care, says Jenny Tung, a professor of knowledge advanced technology at Duke University.

What is harder to prove what causes: Is low-grade stresses you doing so? Or not the other: does it make it harder to get on and stay there?

A new research by Tung, Amanda Lea at Princeton University and colleagues who recommends that the answer is hang, to a certain extent, on how the pecking order is to be. The findings of the study of 61 wild infants came to Kenya, where women and women; Ownership & status, but men need to go to; fight against the summit.

By getting a high quality adult he will Provides a guaranteed future success in the queen's life, but men need to be responsible for their size, strength and battle skills for a jockey for the place and place.

In a paper published on 11 December National Academy of Sciences Events, the researchers found strong links between status and genealogy and genius in baboon babies, but not women.

To be sure, there is a health and quality of life status in both species: Higher women have better access to facilities such as food and bicycle than their low-level peers. And there are men who rise to their ends and their ears; It is usually better to respond to those who are not.

But when researchers investigated the animal's cells of protection for variations in gene activity, they identified more than 2,200 genera, which had different functions with a standard in males, but only 25 generations are linked to a standard in women.

There was a gene related to a more active inflammation in low male males. But searching of previous research in macaque people and monkeys is the other pattern in women, the status is not set by fighting ability.

The best explanation, Lea said, is that the signature of a molecule could have the social status depend on a part of a species, but also what it is for creating a social divide – family connections in woman's case, but strength in men's affairs.

The research suggests that differences in the word of a gene of protection may occur before the masculine level is established, and that there is a male place in sequence as a result of a change in speaking generations, not purpose.

People with more active protection genes may have access to how they fight on the road to their; roof, Lea said, at the moment Princeton's post-tutor and his first author of the study. The results are consistent with previous surveys of the Amboseli baboons; shows that high-quality males recover more quickly from the illness and injuries of other men.

For women, and there may be other reasons as well as more important status and status for defense work, the authors say. Not only are women at a low level who experience stress and subtraction struggle, but thanks to the social support network of close people, they may be better equipped to deal with them.

"Women at a low level can retain themselves in other ways, such as cultivating strong social relationships with friendship," said Lea.

Social status and protected health are interconnected, Tung said. "But increasing evidence shows that the nature of that relationship depends on whether an individual or female individual is, and whether they need to fight for status or without be given to them. "

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