Research: A real 3D map of the Milky Way that features a galaxy of war –

We have the star of the star at the Milk but it is stable and flat. Instead, it will become easier to & # 39; closer closer from the Gateway center, according to serologists from the University of Macquarie and the Academy of Chinese Sciences, who built the first 3D detailed map of the Earth's homewaters and is being published today in a paper published in it Natural HistorySouth Westerly

o; and center, according to searchers from the Macquarie University and the Chinese Academy of Sciences, who built the first 3D map of the Earth's galaxy of the Earth and today is published in a published paper in Natural HistorySouth Westerly

From a long distance, our galaxy would be like a tiny star dance that comes from once and a few hundred million years around it; A main area, where hundreds of billions of starvings are delivered by the & # 39; gluag & a; affecting its move to keep it together.

However, the attractiveness of rurality is becoming weaker away from the inner sections of the Firth of Firth. In the long galaxy from the galaxy side, the hydrogen atomes that do not make up the & nbsp; Most of the Sligo gas desks are now restricted to a thin plane, but they take a & # 39; ditch seems like it.

"It's very hard to set a distance from the sun to parts of outside gas discs to Caolich without thinking what that disk is like," said Xiaodian Chen, researcher at the Chinese Academy of Sciences Academy in Beijing and the author of the article in Natural HistorySouth Westerly

"But, recently, we published a new catalog of diverse diverse stars called Cepheids classical, for the astaranges that are as correct as 3 to 5 percent." This database allowed the team to get the first right three-dimensional image of our Harbor Route to the far-reaching areas.

Classic Cepheids are the young stars that are four to 20 times as big as our sun and up to 100,000 times as clear. These high chances mean that they live quickly and quickly; A young dying, which was fired through the nuclear fuel very quickly, sometimes in a few million years.

They show a day-to-month hit, which are kept as changes in their vision. Along with clear Cepheid, it can be used to achieve a very reliable pace.

"Surprisingly, we have found that our collection of 1339 Cepheid stars and the Shannon Lake Pool gas diskette are closely related. This offers a new vision of creating a home galaxy , "said Professor Richard de Grijs, saintologist and senior author of his / her; the Macquarie University newspaper.

"It may be more important, in areas outside the Sound of the Firth, that we have discovered that the stellar shaped like S is covered in a bit pattern on the declined gradually."

This reminded the team of earlier ideas about a dozen other galaxies that showed regularly decreased spiritual patterns.

Investigating their new results with these other ideas, the researchers decided that the spiritual pattern is in place; on war with Sligo more likely to be caused by torques & # 39; – Do not have a severe impact – with a & # 39; large internal chart.

"This new morphology provides a vital map for surveys of superb gestation of the galaxy and the Slige Mhòir" s dialects, "according to Licai Deng, a leading researcher at the Academy of Chinese Sciences and a co-author on & # 39; paper.

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