Research encourages better attention to the heartmarks of a woman's attack, and seek faster aid Life


A new investigation has found that women wait longer than men to ask when they are trying to help them; attacking heart. - AFP pic
A new investigation has found that women wait longer than men to ask when they are trying to help them; attacking heart. – AFP pic

ZURICH, December 12 – A new European study has discovered that women are waiting longer than men to get help for heart attack, with the researchers now being able to help them; persuading women who receive symptoms – which may differ from those shown in men –

Made by researchers at Triemli Hospital, Zurich, Switzerland, the new survey showed a total of 4,360 patients, including 967 women and 3,393 men with high ST (STEMI) advanced behavioral behavior in hospital over 16 years.

The results, published in the European Heart Journal: Cardiovascular Care Acair, a publication of the European Union of European Archeology (ESC), that women who are attacking their heart waiting about 37 minutes longer than men before contacting medical services.

"The women who are attacking heart appear to be less likely to influence their symptoms that need emergency cure," said the author. Dr. Matthias Meyer, who added that women can be Waiting further on the basis of the common legends that tend to be the heart most often in humans, and because they get pain in the coffin and to the left are the most distinguished features.

"Women and men have the same pain in heart attack, but the situation may be different," explained Dr. Meyer. "People with pain in the coffin and on the left are most likely to think this is a heart attack, and that is normal symptoms for men. Women often suffer pain back, shoulder or stomach. "

Despite being & # 39; Believing that more people experience heartbeat, they are just as common in women, and ischemic heart disease is a major cause; Death both men and women.

On average, women tend to be around 8 to 10 years older than men when they have a heart attack and are likely to receive different marks, but both men and women ; benefit as well as fast handling.

In heart conditions caused by arthritis preventing blood in the heart, rapid fluvial reform can quickly help to reduce the blood pressure. save more heartbeat, which means that there is no less dead animal, subsequent heart failure, and a lower risk of death.

"Each minute will count when you have a heart attack. Look out for poor and poor misery that includes pain in the coffin, neck, neck, back , stomach or shoulders that last longer than 15 minutes. It often gets together with a hit, cold cold, weakness, breath or scarcity, "said Dr Meyer. – AFP-Relaxnews

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