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U.S. proceed quickly in early Tuesday with reports on ongoing speeches between the United States and China on their active relationship that helps strong market. World stocks also tried to try to re-test a test against a variety of fears of hardening and uncertainty about how to go. leaving the U.K. from the European Union. In this country, the future of Bay Street was higher as some of the poor prices were some of the losses; at the session that was assisted by relatively stable markets and high-quality sales in Libya.

After a wild Saturday morning, the Dow saw leaving more than 500 points at one time before it finished the day. highest, the Dow market markers, all of the leading US sites were positive, with Dow and climb climbing with three figures. At world level, MSCI's indexes were up to 0.1 percent, which threatened to end a five-day strike streak. European markets were higher in the morning trade. Fixed mixed markets ended up from the Wall Street mobile session on Monday.

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"The smallest impact of bad news means that the rest of the sale is sold," said Jasper Lawler, head of research at Group Capital London, in a note. "The very bad face we saw [in U.S. stocks on Monday] the helpline, even in the short-term and its # 39; contributing to the European income. However, it seems that this will not be enough to break down any longer-term movements. "

Market confidence still has a & # 39; Feeling the impact of worries about doing; slow global economic growth and trade relations between the United States and Canada. In the latest developments, Deputy Prime Minister Liu He spoke to the Secretary of Finance Steven Mnuchin and Representative of Robert Lighthizer, and his exchange of ideas on the next level of lectures. The Prime Minister of Britain's decision, Theresa May, is on Monday to send a major parliamentary vote on her; Her contract has also contributed to market uncertainty and taxation on the British Isles, which sparked to US $ 1,2505 just after the news. Sterling struggled to around US $ 1,2571 in early March.

In corporate news, Cenovus Energy put forward its capital spending plans for the coming year, saying it expects to reduce costs by 4 per cent in 2019. Its company says it expects spend between $ 1.2 billion and $ 1.4 billion next year with a & # 39; Most money goes to Foster Creek oil and Christina Lake oilworks. "We are still aiming to deliver our stakeholder commitments," said Cenovus, Chief Executive Alex Pourbaix, Cenovus said in a statement. "With the low cost center and strong jobs, we have already achieved the level of performance for the oil industry instead of the oil."

At the same time, Enbridge Inc., who holds the day of its Tuesday depositors, revealed their 10% annual growth trend in 2020. Enbridge also announced an increase of 10% for divider for 2019.

Air Wall Street, sections of Ford Motor Corp. and General Motors Co. accounts for approximately 2 percent after the Bloomberg report that China is moving to cut cuts on cars that have been introduced to US. US President Donald Trump said China agreed to such a move at a meeting at the G20 platform meeting in Argentina. Bloomberg is saying that there has been a suggestion for cuts on cars made in the United States to 15 per cent from 40 per cent on the Chinese cabinet. The Bloomberg report names sources that are familiar with the case.

In addition, markets in Europe – wholesale sales on Monday – higher on the morning trade with the all-European STOXX 600 rose by 1.45 per cent. There were news that representatives of the NHS and Chinese trade remained in communication to help them; Contributing to markets with resources stock – which is particularly sensitive to developments in trade with China – among those who won. FTSE 100 Britain won 1.08 percent. The German DAX rose 1.46 per cent and CAC 40 of France obtained 1.52 per cent.

In Asia, the markets completed a more diverse version of Wall Street's mobile session. Index Index Composite raised 0.37 per cent. Hang Seng Hong Kong raised 0.7 per cent. Japan Nikkei swelled 0.34 percent. Topix fell more than 0.91 per cent.

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Poor prices were higher in the early years, with the help of providing unplanned solar provision in the OPEC member. Brent and West Texas Intermediate were both leading to the North American Brent trade in a day range of US $ 59.91 to US $ 60.54. WTI had a range of US $ 50.70 to $ 51.48. Earlier days, poor prices brought many of the benefits after eight weeks last week with Brent falling around 3 per cent.

"The output from OPEC + products is cut [didn’t] finally for oil prices, with Brent and WTI, both retailers back to their pre-meeting levels, "said OANDA, Inspector Craig Erlam." Whether this is a matter of Provision agreed compared to market expectations, there are doubts about being able to insert teeth into the filling in or capability of a # 39; organization, prices again are vulnerable to vulnerability and a breach of US $ 58 in Brent and $ 50 in WTI can be a boost for another sales wave . "

The prices of early Monday were built from news releases made in Libya where their National Oil Company has announced force majeure on Monday exports from El Sharara, the largest in the country, He was arrested the weekend with a militia group. However, benefits have been brought in with ongoing equality markets.

At the same time, gold prices began to be higher early on Tuesday while the English dollar was preserved ahead of the Review of the Weekend Reserve on levels of interest. The markets are looking at the Effects to go to; Look at trying to & # 39; course in raising standards in the new year. US $ 1,247.38 had an average spot of 0.2 per cent before the mid-morning in Europe. On Monday, the highest level of gold hit nearly USD $ 1,250.55 in the session in advance. US gold income was 0.3 per cent higher at US $ 1,252.90 per units.

"I'm still very supportive of the Gold week before the Deer meeting, where the level of nowadays is not a warranty in a few weeks ago and the main bank is expected to be & # 39; accept a tone less than it's for a long time, "Mr Erlam said. "It is the same thing that stands the way, it seems, a fall in negotiations between the US and China and / or the U.K. and Europe."

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Money and bonds

The Canadian doll had not changed dramatically because prices were very stable and its US partner lost its toll against a basket of world funds. The day range on the Loonie is so far 74.51 pence of US to 74.68 cents. Elsa Lignos at RBC said in an early note that dangerous priority and weak oil prices during the Monday session stressed the loonie.

The loonie was weaker Monday after a strong rise last week on better oil prices than expected, with negative rubbish on Canada's two and five-year results to turn off for its output. the first time since 2007. The five year output 0.6 fell below a two-year result. The negative bite is usually shown as an early warning on deeper economic times.

In world money, the US dollar index record down 0.3 per cent at 96.952 after climbing 0.75 per cent in the previous session. Reuters notes that the index was so tight at 96.364, at the same time over the week, from the lowest level since November 22. The US dollar is under pressure ahead on the Longcoming meeting next week, with analysts to & # 39; expects the main bank to be more likely to raise levels in the future. Deer officers have made a mark about the potential increase in the coming year, which suggests that rates are near neutral levels.

The British pound, which was circulated on Monday with a chaos around Prime Minister Theresa May Breaven agreement, was removed from 20 months after Mr May. Support from European directors to change the contract. Ms. May met Prime Minister of Holland Mark Rutte and will meet the German Chancellor Angela Merkel in trying to save the agreement before the EU summit later this week. Sterling was up 0.4 per cent at US $ 1,2615, after falling 1.6 percent against the US dollar on Monday to just US $ 1.2507.

In bands, the result on the US 10th anniversary was higher at 2.883 per cent. The result of the 30-year note was also highest at 3.143 per cent.

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Stock set to see action

Athabasca Oil Corp. says he has earned $ 265 million for selling Leismer pipers and the Cheecham storage destination to Enbridge Inc. Athabasca says that the money will increase the debt of cutting, cutting and strengthening financial. In the distribution, Athabasca also said that it is a 25% cut of staff; headquarters immediately and operators receive a 10 percent payment cut. The company also said that it is a " granting a 2019 minimum capital program with a focus on maintaining a basic product to improve market funding.

Tim Kiladze a Ghlobe is a mentions a prime body of debt debts that warns of regulatory problems at Hydro One Ltd after the Washington state reported a political barrier from the Ontario government to refuse to & # 39; The facilities were first built. Standard & Poor, who has already decreased his company's credit level once, said in a report that he could reduce it again "if the Ontario government has a" get involved in more [Hydro One’s] business transactions or conclusions, which means that there are additional regulatory deficiencies that we; considered bad. "S & P's A-minus rating has arrears after cutting it from A level in September. A lower level usually results in higher loan costs.

Head of The alphabet face of love from US lawyers how the web site dispeller handled a terrible data breach and could impede the demands of the Chinese government's tension. CEO looks like Sundar Pichai on Tuesday before the House of Judgment Committee will come after he will be disturbing members of the Assembly's Synopsis panel by September. declining the invitation to give evidence of foreign regulations to & # 39; The treatment of online services to move Scotland's elections. Pichai's incredible performance at that hearing was marked by an empty chairman for Google with Facebook and Twitter activists. In a written certificate of the House Audit Committee that was made public on Monday, the President of Sundar Pichai said he had run his company "without political disagreement." We are working hard to ensure the integrity of our products, and we have put in place a number of surveys and established opportunities to ensure that they are up to our levels, "said Pichai's certification." I manage to & # 39; This company is without political impartiality and works to ensure that our products continue to work like that. It would do otherwise against our key principles and business partners. "

Tokyo court was rejected Tuesday Nissan Motor chairman Carlos Ghosn to arrest his arrest after last arrest of allegations of financial misconduct. Ghosn was held in the Tokyo jail since he was arrested on November 19, after being suspected of trying to pay her about half of the 100 billion years (US $ 88 million) which was awarded over five years since 2010. on Monday.

WPP he expects to spend over 300 million pounds (US $ 382 million) over the next three years so that the largest publicity organization in the world can be improved by doing so; reduce the number of organizations that it runs and its; employing more talent in New York. British owners from the JWT and Ogilvy groups have lost 40 per cent of its value in the last year and were asked to sell repayments and cut off profit after some of the key players – losing escape and others; cut their cost. On Tuesday he said that he would be up and running. divide priority on price & & # 39; dealt with.

Distribution is expected to bring US $ 1.8 billion to US $ 2.1 billion in the current quartile for work cuts announced today, the carrier said without wire. The company said that around 10,400 employees would leaving before mid-next year as part of their voluntary divisional program.

Definition of grammar signed the contract to South St. Burger to buy, series of diving food houses. The contractual terms of the contract were not immediately available. The burger series will come together with other MTY flags, including Thai Express, Vanellis, Manchu Wok, Baton Rouge, Pizza Delight and Scores. There are 26 corporate and 14 corporate restaurants in St. South.

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The US Labor Department says that the producer's price index rose 0.1 percent in November from the previous month. That down from 0.6 per cent rate in October. Producer prices changes to the entrance gateway at the factory gate. Large sales prices rose by 2.5 per cent from a year ago, the smallest annual increase in 2018. Including the food sectors and vibrant power, US retail prices rise 0.3 percent in October and 2.7 percent last year.

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