Ron Taverner has appointed the post as OPP commissioner

The Ontario government says that it has been announced that Ron Taverner, OPP friends, chief executive Doug Ford has been appointed as OPP commissioner to review his & # 39; procurement process.

The Minister for Community Safety, Sylvia Jones, stated that the government agreed to delays it; meeting when the leader of the Toronto Police, Taverner, who was ahead of the post of Monday, was asked.

Marcus Gee: Doug Ford is completely unhappy with the problem of employing his friend Ron Taverner as an OPP head

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Earlier: Vice President RCMP, Bob Paulson, wants to review the appointment of a friend Doug Ford Ron Taverner as OPP commissioner

"Although the government has a strong confidence in Mr Taverner, we will respect his request for delays in his role, so that the Probation Commissioner will review the election process," said Ms. Jones in a statement.

The statement itself, Supt. Taverner said, "Out of the greatest respect for the men and women of the Ontario District Police hero, I want to suspend my position as a Commissioner until the Commissioner of Integrity has completed his investigation. "

OPP Gary Couture Deputy Commissioner is appointed as an interim Commissioner of OPP as long as the inspection has been carried out.

The move is coming after its & # 39; OPP commissioner, Brad Blair, sent a court move on Friday to try to delays the post until a review by the Paul Dubé Ontario Ombudsman has been completed.

Deputy Commissioner of Blair, who is now a commissioner, does not argue that the Ontario Ombudsman has a duty to review any "incompatible political or political incapacity" that may be has been introduced into the government's decision to encourage Supt. Taverner enters the post at the top of the continent.

Earlier this week, Deputy Deputy Commissioner Blair – who was also running for the work – made a formal request to the watchman to review or delay the Chief Executive. Taverner has been installed as OPP leader, but the court application has shown that it has not been published. ordering that Ombudsman's office to do so, saying that the demand was not within its duty.

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The NDP stated that the Ombudsman issued the investigation into a integrity commissioner.

The legal appeal of the most recent chapter is an incredible fight for the control of the largest police force in Canada, a sprawling organization that employs over 8,000 service officers and civil servants across Ontario.

The Conservative government named the election of Supt. Taverner as OPP Commissioner on 29 November.

Immediately assisted critics, who seized the close links of a Ford-level high-quality police leader, and his forty-two years as head of unit units; Oversees the Fords Power Force Policing in the West Toronto area of ​​Etobicoke. However, Mr Ford and his cabinet are saying that he was a piece of military, an independent panel; which the Supt praised. Taverner.

Earlier this week, the commissioner RCMP, Bob Paulson, The Globe and Mail told "there are reasonable concerns" about the appointment of Supt. Taverner. He requests bids for independent research to protect the integrity of the force.

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