Samsung Electronics is disturbing workers who are aggravated by disease

Samsung Electronics has made formal apology for staff who suffer from severe occupations and have taken an interim compensation plan, and draw a final line under a ten year dispute across her working environment.

The giant of South Korean technology left the Friday for the first time that he did not face the correct health risks that would be given to staff at their semiconductor plants and flat panel displays and promises for improve safety.

"Our loved colleagues and their families have suffered a long time but Samsung Electronics suffers to take care of them earlier," said Kim Ki-nam, president and president. company that led semiconductors.

"Samsung did not have enough enough and health risk management that the teams and the showcasing showcases could have with crystals," he said. "We offer our true attacks."

Under the proposal of the Friday-registered application, Samsung will give up to Won150m ($ 132,000) for all staff who have cancer or other serious illness while working at the electronics factories since 1984 The compensation process will begin this year and continued until 2028.

Samsung also gave Won50bn to the State Government Work and Occupational Health Workforce to help improve business safety in the country, which has one of the highest industry mortality rates in the developed world and its culture. ; accident cover and business conditions.

The agreement demonstrates progress to the victims and families who have been experiencing a # 39; struggle to get an official recognition of the health risks that the scenery and the LCD plants provide to your staff.

The fight against Samsung began in 2007 when a taxi driver Hwang Sang-ki accepted a home for the 22-year-old daughter after leukemia after working for a Samsung plant for four years.

About 260 Samsung employees have fallen very ill over the last ten years due to & # 39; Because they looked at toxic chemicals, with less than 30 of them being & Receiving official financial compensation, according to Sharps, a Korean labor advocacy group.

"There would be no excuse enough for my suffering but I will consider the company's commitment [to prevent any recurrence], "Mr Hwang said." It is important that compensation for work disorders is just what the extra count is to do; blocked. "

Mr Hwang asked that Samsung offers compensation for workers working at its subcontractors and overseas factories as well as those of its ties such as Samsung Electro- Mechanics, Samsung SDI and Samsung SDS.

Samsung has gone on fire at overseas plants for work issues with UN experts causing March's concern about the treatment of staff at the spread-in telephones in Vietnam.

The agreement comes as a Samsung, thrown by community screens and work sabotage allegations, and struggling to repair the corporate image protected at home.

Lee Jae-yong, who is the semi-minister of the organization, is attending a wrong sentence for a & # 39; formerly a former chairman, Geun-hye Park for business favors. He has appealed against his decision.

In September, South Korea prosecutors marked the board chairman of his company, Lee Sang-hoon, and dozens of people; Other chief executives wanted to say that the work unions were working.

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