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Samsung Galaxy S10 may revitalize the name & Edge & # 39; a & # 39; praise leak

AN GALAXY S10 Samsung seems to be Samsung's most smartphones yet, with 5G support, an accessible machine scanner and a terrible quad camera camera.

And some men suggest that there may be as many four Galaxy S10 modules, and # 39; including ultra-premium & # 39; Plus-branded and draft budget & # 39; price price.

We have all the things that we know about the Galaxy S10 line that has been submitted so far, and we will update this article when we go to it; hear more.

Date of publication
Samsung reports that the Galaxy S10 is ahead of MWC's next year at an individual event on 20 February. The phone will be available for a pre-order from that date, and will be distributed on 8 March.

According to report Gizmodo, The budget & # 39; known as Galaxy S10 which offers a 12GB resource and a sale for £ 699, the S10 will be consistent; offers a 128GB or 512GB resource for £ 799 and £ 999, and the S10 Plus offers a variety of 128GB, 512GB and 1TB price at £ 899, £ 1,099 and a sum of £ 1,399.

Latest news
Mobile UK has Mobile fun to do things for the Samsung Galaxy S10 line, which says that the S10 Lite, S10 Plus and S10 Edge, with its company based to monitor it; Edge & Revival is not used from the Galaxy S8.

The seller also says that all S10 handhelders are provided with a standard setup defender and says that the handhelds are available in a variety of colors, including Berry Pink, Yellow and Green.

12/19/18: It may have been the Galaxy S10 that has suffered a & # 39; The first plant was in danger, after saying it was seen on the South Korea subway. The equipment was viewed by Twitter user inss0317 and first narrated by WCCFtech, which says that the image is leaked (below) showing the S10 with the small number & # 39; Yes – there are high and bottom schedules and screenshots that are located in the top section on the right.

12/17/18: UK MobileFun retailers have been able to showcase their range of Galaxy S10 galleries, and & # 39; Placement stressed that the primary base could offer a three-dimensional camera. The issues (below), made by Olixar, showing the S10 to be displayed; look like the sibling at Note 9 with a large measure and a flat camera. However, they also seem to show an additional lens, and # 39; Contributing to a recent reduction that has placed a focus on a standard / broadband / televising establishment for Galaxy S10.

12/14/18: The latest Android Pie beta has really put the emphasis on the fact that ultra-broadband & # 39; at Galaxy S10. As reported SamMobile, the beta that contains a toggle switch in the settings to & # 39; camera shows images around the world saved without separation. However, the report notes that this lens correction feature is possible for the A7 (2018) and A9 (2018), and Samsung is still reported.

12/12/18: Gizmodo, announces a "leading technology maker" store, published on Samsung Galaxy S10 plans.

There will be three modules – the regular mode S10, a Plus and a more residential and horizontal model & # 39; – was launched on Mobile World's Congress of the year at an unparalleled event on February 20, according to the report. The phone will be available for a pre-order from that date, and will be distributed on 8 March.

Gizmodo Also, the spider knows what the device costs; the module & budget & # 39; known as a 12GB resource and a sale for £ 699, the regular S10 will offer a 128GB or 512GB resource for £ 799 and £ 999, and the S10 Plus will be available; offers different modifications at 128GB, 512GB and 1TB at £ 899, £ 1,099 and sum of £ 1,399.

There is little information about the 5G modification, but Gizmodo says 5G services are not available on the S10 when it is launched, with the well that does not reach them to "end C2 at its # 39 first stage. "

12/18/18: A galaxy prototype of the Galaxy S10 Plus has gone out, and it's recommended that it could be & # 39; embrace a corner corner. Posted by SlashLeaks (below), the image suggests that the platform could be & # 39; including a hard signal in the upper section on the right side of the house that looks like a double camera rather than the Honor View 20-esque cutout.

But Evleaks does not agree, however, when he has spent pictures over the weekend that shows three Galaxy S10 models with pocket cuts & # 39; middle hole

12/12/18: Mega-leak is licensed by 91 mobile phones and OnLeaks has given us a full start of Galaxy S10 Plus. Remove the banner display from a screen screen, a camera camera and a Samsung face camera camera, Looking to set up two face-to-face cameras to help better technology than a company.

91 mobile phones also & # 39; verify that the S10 Plus will be & # 39; packing an AMOLED display with a double 6.4-inches, an in-screen fingerprint scanner similar to those on OnePlus 6T, and a 3.5mm phone jackphone with its USB-C port. The handset is measured at 157.5 x 75.0 x 7.8mm, depending on the fire, but it will be produced to 9mm with thanks to its backdoor camera; growing.

At least one change of the Samsung Galaxy S10 could pack a 12GB RAM pack.

That is according to a report from Hong Kong GF Trust, Which says it's a Samsung logo that comes into & # 39; The first one that will pack 12GB RAM; more than the 10GB RAM that will be inserted inside the McLaren OnePlus 6T printing.

The same report says Samsung will increase storage inside to 1TB; The type of type that you'll find on a higher upgrade.

GF Securities does not tell us much that we are not already familiar but note that the Galaxy S10 is available in white, black, yellow and green versions, some of the highest levels of Huawei.

11/18/18: The Galaxy S10 + was seen on AnTuTu, which packed the Samsung-based Exynos 9820 process.

Earlier earlier this month, Samsung's Exynos SoC's next generation is a " The first one that comes with an unusual processor (NPU) engine, which means that the AI-centric actions can be done on the computer itself. The company also had a & # 39; Feel that the procurer offers a 20 per cent increase in basic single performance compared to the one who was; and 40 per cent improvement in energy efficiency.

At that time, Samsung did not say when we first saw its Exyos 9820 in the outdoors, but there has been a new marked product from AnTuTu; recommend that he will do a & # 39; first time inside Galaxy S10.

The ratio, shared by Ice Universe (below), apparently the Exynos of the Galaxy S10 + version is distributed with 6GB of RAM, 128GB of storage. The 325,076 device highlighted the reflection platform, which scored the Huawei P20 Pro score of 273,295 but its output; failure to match the iPhone XS, which is & # 39; make up an AnTuTu throat with a score of 352,405.

The Galaxy S10 + is also licensed by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 team in specific markets, and this change may be a major feature on Apple's key brand. A machine that runs the resin logo The SoC was seen on AnTuTu with a score of 362,292.

11/18/18: The Galaxy S10 completely disinfection and not offer an iPhone-style style, if a screen protector is leaked to shame.

The screen defender was destroyed in a video shared by Ice Universe (below), and if legit, show that the bezels have Samsung Galaxy S10 near.

It does not accept screening such as most of the new Android news, and despite recent facts that the S10 would be among its; The first one is to show a camera & # 39; punch hole – a & # 39; accepting the technology of Infinity O & # 39; lately – the hole in the camera is not in this real momentum.

11/18/18: Samsung has a different position of the Galaxy S10 with 5G support and six cameras, accordingly Wall Street JournalSouth Westerly

The newspaper, announcing "people who know the case", reports that Samsung has a " plan the launch of four different Galaxy S10s, including a 6.7in model – known as Beyond X – which supports 5G and a six-piece drive; both sides and four on the back.

Focusing on the facts of the MWC publication, the WSJ aware that Samsung will show this model in mid-February, but says that its distribution will depend on the reach of 5G networks. However, it is unclear whether the handy handbook will blush it to Blighty; the report states that Samsung has a conversation with AT & T, T-Mobile and South Korea networks.

The other three Galaxy S10 models will not be too tough-specced, as the WSJ They say they will offer screens between 5pm and 5.4in, and will give them between three and five cameras. However, the hand-held sites may add a non-wire-free feature that allows the handsets of other non-wire powered devices, similar to Huawei's Mate 20 ProSouth Westerly

The WSJ There is also some information on a digital phone & # 39; Galaxy F & # 39; which is capable of being covered by Samsung, It can be said that Galaxy Flex & # 39; was launched.

11/18/18: Entering Samsung Galaxy S10 features both selfie cameras and a fingerprint scanner connected to the display.

At least this is in line with the notorious tipster Evan Blass, who made a tweet on Tuesday (below) the Galaxy S10 will be the first to be & # 39; show selfie camera & toll-punch & # 39; – Compensation of display technology & # 39; Infinity O recently Samsung.

Instead of a controversial dispute, this display will be displayed. including a small hole in the upper left corner which offers a & # 39; face camera.

If Blass's latest strategies have been the money, Samsung's Galaxy S10 is the first flag to show accessible scanner. This will be an ultrasonic awareness, such as OnePlus 6T and Huawei Mate 20 Pro.

Elsewhere, the tweet puts pressure on earlier facts that the S2 display is behind it and the & # 39; Samsung's new UI a & # 39; serving Android Pie.

Samsung's Galaxy S10, which includes a & # 39; including general, large-scale and budget modules – it is expected that it will be done at MWC the following year, with a 5G module to follow in March.

10/18/18: Samsung will launch three Galaxy S10 modules next year, according to a report BloombergSouth Westerly

Supporting earlier repression with analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, BloombergThe sources tell him that the Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus will have an OLED screen packing with "virtually no bezel" and a bracket sensation based. There is no sign, the report reports, with its face camera and is heard under the screen.

Around the back, the S10 modules will be & # 39; folding a triple position of Huawei, and at the base, there's no 3.5mm phone jackphone.

Samsung also designes a "cheaper" difference of the S10, depending BloombergThese sources, the curve screen that has been a signal on Samsung phones from the Galaxy Note Edge in 2014 can not be accepted. However, it may come with a colorful sense "according to costs ", add stores.

And recently supporting facts from Chorea, the report says that Galaxy S10 was a? First typed Samsung 5G typed phone. The company's statement is in talks with Verizon to launch a 5G version of the Galaxy S10 to the US, although it is not clear that the symbol is offered here in Blighty.

An Bloomberg Also reported to pole pouring on a long-matched Samsung mobile phone, written by & # 39; Winner & Despite being & # 39; Thinking that the device could start at the Samsung Development Conference the next month, the company still decides to determine the device; go out below or horizontally.

The device, thrown out like the Galaxy X, will not show an in-screen fingerprint scanner due to "technical difficulties", but it will provide an additional 4in display for users ; it can be used when the phone is closed.

Samsung, naturally, did not mention the facts, instead saying in a statement: "We are continually improving our dedicated mobile ports to bring new and exciting new innovations to users . At the moment, we have no share of future devices. Welcome to you. "

10/18/18: The Galaxy S10 which could be Samsung's top banner to save the 3.5mm headphone jack.

So he says ET News, which reports, though Galaxy S10 may probably continue to; Port, Samsung plans that the headphone jack will be removed by Galaxy Note 10 or Galaxy S11. Instead, the company will depend on a combination of the TypeC C port of the phone and a dongle headphone limited, according to the report.

ET News do not say why Samsung would want to dispose of the headphone jack just to make sure that the company is just a save space for other parts.

10/18/18: A new report on detailing the setting of Samsung's Samsung cameras into the S10 Galaxy.

According to the report, seen SamMobile, the Galaxy S10 will feature the same 12MP f1.5 / 2.4 variables with the Galaxy S10, with a "super wide-angle" 16MP f / 1.9 lens with a 123-step and 13MP range range f2.4 awareness.

The report notes that the lens does not show a wide area by clicking on it. establishing a flexible image and automation.

Setting up this three-dimensional camera will look at & # 39; featured on the highest Galaxy S10 model, according to SamMobile. A "reasonable price" model will be on one camera, as long as the Galaxy S10 Galaxy reports that two cameras have been established.

24/8/18: Samsung has announced that he will launch four different versions of the Galaxy S10.

According to hidden XML files within the Android 9.0 update of the group, spotted XDA Development, the four devices are encoded & longer than 0 &, 39, longer than 1 & # 39; longer than 2, and over on 2 5G &

This has recently emphasized the fact that Samsung plans to launch a 5G change of S10. According to murmurs online, this model will close specs close to the Galaxy S10 Plus (no longer than 2 & 39) but there will be additional sensors to 5G make coms easier.

Although the leak does not tell us much about the tools, XDA notes that the four handsets are likely to be launched with the next generation silicon from Samsung or Qualcomm (an Exynos 9820 no Snapdragon 8150), and the 5G symbol to Snapdragon X50 no modem Exynos 5100 Samsung itself.

17/9/18: The Galaxy S10 could display the 19: 9 symbol displays, in line with medium marks.

The HTML5test filtering tool published SM-G405F results running Android 9.0 Pie. Although it is not confirmed that this model number is associated with the Galaxy S10, SamMobile say that the coordinates compose a resolution of 412 x 869 pixels, higher than the 412 x 846-pixel resolution recorded for Galaxy S9, and & # 39; recommend that the secret machine joins the Samsung Series S series.

Although the recording does not tell us much, these figures suggest that Galaxy S10 could display higher, 19: 9 displays, compared to the # 39; ratio of 18: 5.9 on the Galaxy S9. This is recently supported by pronouncement that the main impressions have had smaller appeals compared to the one who was; before.

These mid-dimensional features come hot on DJ Koh, Head of Samsung's Samsung mobile, Ensure that the design changes to the Galaxy S10 are "very important".

Speaking to the Chinese media, Koh suggested that the company's 10th anniversary tweed phone would be more than a pioneering update – as the S9 to S8 – adding to the S10 there would be "amazing" colors.

10/9/18: The Galaxy S10 is still the most expensive "Samsung" textphone, despite the extra 5G technology.

So the Korean website has The bell, which says that Samsung will provide a 5G version of the Galaxy S10 that may be the iPhone XS; look cheap. The report states that the model, which appears to be the same types as the S10 Plus, "four to five antennas larger" than the 4G handheld sites, before it decides " the price of the lines can be more expensive. "

In addition to its 5G modules and a high price tag, The bell says that the S10 module will have a 6.44in display and it will – with the S10 Plus – a & # 39; The first series of satellite telephones to allow double-camera camera to be adjacent to a front camera and rear-facing camera.

The S10 line, which will be shown at CES next year, may have been released "before and after 5 March, when domestic mobile users start 5G service," the notes report.

28/8/18: Samsung will install the three Galaxy S10 models with a software browser, according to a report by The MuseumSouth Westerly

Although earlier reports were suggested that the input model & # 39; Missing S10 on the scanner, it now states that the three modules of the technology will appear in-screen.

according to The Museum, the two sensible high quality modules will have a report based on ultrasonic displays, as long as the optical optometrist input module is introduced.

"The two Galaxy S modules will be advanced with an ultra-ultrasonic screen scanner and the other will provide an under-screen eye medallor" said an exhibition business officer the website.

The ultrasonic qualifier, Qualcomm qualified, will create the 3D mapping of a 3D toolbar designed to sweep with user numbers, making it more popular than traditional scanners. It is not affected by salting, drink or light, according to the report.

The flexible sensor, which is three times cheaper & # 39; than the ultrasonic option, working as a digital camera, to capture the image of a two-dimensional fingerprint. It is not as correct as the screw set to proceed on the two S10 high modules, and it is difficult to scan offenses if they are dirty, too wet or too dry, or if there is light outside of it; get in.

25/7/18: Samsung says he's owning his own GPU who will playing "completely new design" and that it could be done first in the Galaxy S10.

The story, which was first broken Graphic Speaking and later reinforced by a reliable tipster ice landscape (below), says Samsung has a GPU development inside which is & # 39; delivering "main performance / stick" in symbols.

The GPU will promote a stunning architecture that would work in everything smart phones to supercomputers, according to a survey of the information about their work.

"This is a big case – this is the first new GPU design in 10 years," said Jon Peddie, principal of Jon Peddie Research.

The Samsung GPU "could be presented with Apple," said Peddie. "This design is so good, they can be used in each platform – it is the duty of their ambition. If I could be it, it would be in Everything, including cockpits and supercomputers. "

It is expected that the GPU, which was developed by Samsung Newbie Dr Chien-Ping Lu, a graphics artist who previously worked at Nvidia and MediaTek, was first introduced in the Samsung Exynos smartphone process – a signal that may arise in the 10th anniversary Galaxy of the S10 company.

The company did not decide whether to leave the technology, according to the report.

20/7/18: Samsung Galaxy S10 will have much smaller bezels than the S9 pre-imitation, according to the latest facts.

Although the Galaxy S9 was previously a carbon copy of the Galaxy S8, despite the fact that bezels would be much smaller, it seems that Samsung has saved the major improvements for Galaxy S.'s 10th anniversary

According to the Ice tipster Landscape Twitter, the ratio of the Galaxy S10 to "significantly improved" compared to the S9. There is no word on specific features, but it is likely that the Samsung will eliminate the bottom bezel on the device to achieve a coronary screen ratio of around 90 per cent.

At the moment, the Galaxy S9 has a screen resolution ratio of about 84 per cent.

In an ongoing tweet, Ice World also recommends that the S10 will have a & # 39; offers improvements in a battery department, saying: "If you use the SLP's most advanced packaging technology, the battery is definitely larger than the S9, and Samsung's president said he is working hard to solve to quote a waulking query. "

18/7/17: Qualcomm has shown an early prototype of the ultrasonic branch membrane that is expected to start its & # 39; Galaxy S10.

According to Twitter's Ice tipse Geography, Samsung is one of the first to work with Qualcomm's indoor display scanner technology. He says that Samsung's Director, Dj Koh, says S10 does not allow for flexible destination solutions because "optical media traces" can adversely affect users. "

Qualcomm ultrasonic technology, determined by CNET, "using sound waves to generate a map of your fingerprint, with the wave of pressure to jump out of the coasts of your skin."

The technology, which can also end the physical homepage, also a & # 39; offers several advantages over flexible scanners, notes in the report. It can split a branch if it is wet, with a weak time of just 250 millions, with a percentage rate of one percent and measures only 0.15mm, so it does not cause smartphones.

Qualcomm has confirmed that the technology will start to & # 39; featured in smartphones in spring.

17/7/18: Apple Ming-Chi Kuo guru is converted to Samsung and expects the Galaxy S10 to come in three sizes.

In a report seen Businesswoman, Kuo says he expects the Galaxy S10 to be found in 5.8in, 6.1in and 6.4in models – almost equal to the quantities that Kuo expects to have Apple iPhones 2018 a & # 39; come in.

Focusing on recent facts, Kuo is a & # 39; It is expected that the two S10 models will be larger to introduce a fingerprint sensor, and the smaller model to absorb branch sensor.

Kuo says Samsung "aggressively" will scan the scanner fingerprint – perhaps because it's a feature that Apple does not; design to be included on the iPhones that are in the " come in.

Kuo expects that Samsung 40 million Galaxy S10 can be delivered next year, and # 39; Most of the two largest models – there is no doubt Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus. Samsung could also take 14 million phones 14 to 16 million Galaxy Note 10 next year, according to the report.

10/7/18: Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus comes out of five (five!) cameras, The bell reports.

Samsung says that there are three Galaxy S10 models for 2019, with earlier phones that apply for the highest Galaxy S10 Plus and # 39; including the establishment of a three-admiral back camera that is a P20 Pro competitive, similar to iPhone X Plus that is a come into Apple.

Korean website The Bell now reports that the S9 Plus fan will also bring a camera presentation in front of it, that technology may be able to face face scan similar to Apple's Apple ID . Initially phones say that Samsung's easy-to-read Samsung scanner on the S10 line will be replaced by a fast 3D camera.

The report also contains some information on the series of rumors on the route; in S10 Plus, known as a broader lens, telephoto lens, and a new 16MP, 120-degree ultra lens wide.

However, the Galaxy S10 (Beyond 1 & # 39;) and entry level (& Beyond 0 & # 39;) are not expected to be a & # 39; Offers high quality camera certificates. The S10 provides the same three-camera position on the back but only one on the face, according to the report, length & # 39; Yes & Beyond 0 & # 39; Coming with two common cameras on the face and one behind.

9/7/18: Samsung has a draft layout & # 39; Galaxy S10's budget that does not reveal an in-performance fingerprint scanner, accordingly The bellSouth Westerly

Focusing on earlier facts (below), the Tiree website reports that Samsung has developed three different galaxy S10s, known as & # 39; Beyond 0 & # 39;, & # 39; Beyond 1 & # 39; Beyond 2 &

The bell saying that, although the last two are the platform devices that show up screen screens, Beyond 0 a & # 39; first "induction" device in the series S Samsung series.

In this model there is not an in-display fingerprint scanner, according to the report, and it will be a & # 39; show a sense of similarity to those on Moto Z3 Play and beyond Sony devices. If it's legit, this is the first time that Samsung has a & # 39; accept such a position for a sensor with The bell Note that it is likely to be located on the right edge of the user.

It is stated that the decision to use an accessible finger browser has changed Beyond 0, of course, to cut costs.

The technology of the display fingerprint (FOD) on the S10 series, which is provided by Qualcomm chipmaker, costs $ 15 per module, according to the report – seven times more expensive than the $ 2 module. gheibhear an-dràsta air fònaichean mòra Samsung.

26/6/18: Dh'fhaodadh Samsung a bhith a 'feuchainn ri trì innealan Galaxy S10 a leigeil ma sgaoil an ath-bhliadhna, a rèir làrach-lìn ET News na h-Eòrpa.

Tha an aithisg, a tha ag ainmeachadh "oifigearan ioma-gnìomhachais a tha a 'gabhail pàirt ann an leasachadh an ath sreath Galaxy S", ag ràdh gu bheil Samsung an dùil leantainn air adhart ann an ceumannan Apple, a bhios cuideachd ag ràdh gu bheil trì innealan ùra air an cur air adhart nas fhaide air adhart am-bliadhna.

Bidh aithris air a 'chiad inneal, air a bheil' Beyond 0 ', le sgrion 5.8in agus stèidheachadh camara aon-lens, coltach ris an Galaxy S9 an-dràsta. Bidh an 'Beyond 1' an lùib seo, a bhios cuideachd a 'nochdadh sgrion 5.8in ach cuiridh e suas camara camara dà-chànanach leasaichte.

An 'Beyond 2', Naidheachdan ET tagraidhean, a 'pacadh sgrìn 6.2in ​​nas motha, agus thig e gu math coltach ris an Galaxy S10 Plus. Bidh e cuideachd a 'cluich camara le trì-lionsa coltach ris an fheadhainn a chithear air Huawei P20 Pro ma tha an aithisg gu bhith air a chreidsinn.

Naidheachdan ET chan eil mòran eile ri ràdh mu thrioblaid modalan S10 a tha a 'tighinn a-steach, ach tha e ag ràdh nach eil Samsung deiseil airson a chiad fòn clò-ghluasadach a chuir air bhog – an Galaxy X – agus tha e "a' sìor fhàs airson a leasachadh". A rèir fìrinnean o chionn ghoirid, thig e gu MWC na h-ath-bhliadhna, leis an S10 a 'dol a chuir air bhog mìos roimhe aig CES.

25/6/18: Aithrisidh Samsung's Galaxy S10 gu bheil an sganadair iris air a dhìteadh a thaobh faireachdainn 'ID aghaidh' stoidhle Apple.

Mar sin tha aithisg ag ràdh bho làrach-lìn South Korean An Clag, a tha air cluinntinn bho thùsan gun ainm gum bi Galaxy S10 a 'gabhail ri camara 3D a tha a' mothachadh air a bheulaibh a bheir àite an sganair iris-làimhe a tha ann an-dràsta.

Chan e seo an aon seòrsa dearbhaidh air an inneal, mar a tha an aithisg ag ràdh gum bi Samsung cuideachd a 'tairgsinn an S10 le mothachadh meòir-bog a tha air a thaisbeanadh. Tha seo, An Clag tagraidhean, ga leasachadh le Qualcomm, Synaptics agus Institiùd Teicneòlas Taiwanese, ged a tha an aithisg ag ràdh gum faodadh Samsung "ath-sgrùdadh a dhèanamh air an ro-innleachd aige" mura bu chòir an teicneòlas a bhith deiseil airson ùine airson fònaichean fònaichean fòn clòiteach san Fhaoilleach.

Chan eil an aithisg a 'toirt mòran eile air falbh, ach tha ea' toirt fa-near – mar a tha na fuasglaidhean roimhe air a 'chompanaidh – bidh dà sheòrsa ann: an 58in Galaxy S10 agus 6.3in Galaxy S10 Plus.

21/6/18: Tha prototype taghte de Samsung Galaxy S10 a 'sealltainn gum faodadh na prìomh-bhunaidhean a bhith a' gabhail ri dealbhadh lèirsgrìobhaidh X-sgoile airson foghlam fad-sgriona.

Chaidh ìomhaigh den prototype a chuir gu Twitter le notorious tipster Ice Cruinne (gu h-ìseal). Ged nach eil e gu sònraichte a 'toirt iomradh air Galaxy S10, tha e a' cleachdadh an fhacail 'thall thairis' – a 'creidsinn gur e an còd-ainm airson briathrachas Samsung a tha ri teachd – a h-uile càil ach a bheir e air falbh e.

Tha an dealbh-làimhe a 'sealltainn gum faodadh an Galaxy S10 dealbhadh làn-sgrìn a dhèanamh coltach ris an fheadhainn a chaidh fhaicinn air an Oppo Find X – a bheireadh co-mheas 93 sa cheud-ish sgrion-gu-corp dha, bho an co-mheas 83.6 sa cheud air a lorg air an Galaxy S8 agus S9.

Mar an Oppo Find X, chan eil comharra air camara aghaidh-aghaidh – no gu dearbh sensors sam bith – air beulaibh an inneil, a 'moladh gum faodadh Samsung an ath rud a bhith a' gabhail ris a 'chamara aghaidh aghaidh seach an iPhone Stoidhle X-stoidhle. Na bu tràithe air a 'mhìos seo, chuala sinn gum faodadh Samsung a bhith a' seachnadh a bhith a 'gabhail pàirt ann an taisbeanadh le bhith a' toirt seachad an S10 le teicneòlas taisbeanaidh a tha a 'toirt a-mach fuaim a-mach às ùr.

Mus faigh thu na dòchasan agad a-mach, ged a tha sinn duilich a chreidsinn gu bheil an taisbeanadh 'prototype' ris an canar seo a 'toirt dealbh dhìleas de shuaicheantas Samsung 2018 air sgàth' s gum bi foillseachadh na flagship co-dhiù sia mìosan air falbh.

A rèir fìrinnean o chionn ghoirid (gu h-ìseal), tha e coltach gum bi an Galaxy S10 a 'chiad coltas oifigeil aig CES an ath-bhliadhnaichean ann an Las Vegas.

14/6/18: Cha leig Samsung a 'ghèilleadh air Galaxy S10 na h-ath-bhliadhna le bhith a' gabhail ri teicneòlas taisbeanaidh a tha ag amas air fuaim, ag ràdh gu bheil e ag ràdh ETNewsSouth Westerly

An aithisg foillseachaidh Coirèiseach a tha Samsung, còmhla ri LG, a 'gèilleadh suas gu' taisbeanaidhean fuaim-a-mach 'an toiseach air a fònaichean sgairteil a' tòiseachadh an ath-bhliadhna, an dèidh nochdadh prototypes an teicneòlais aig an expo SID an-uiridh.

Leigidh an teicneòlas taisbeanaidh seo fuaim gu bhith air a leigeil a-mach tro sgrion fòn, a 'toirt air falbh an fheum airson toradh aghaidh aghaidh agus, mar sin, gearradh taisbeanaidh iPhone-stoidhle. Tha seo a 'ciallachadh gum faodadh Samsung, ma b' urrainn dha fèin-chamara pop-up a ghabhail a-steach mar Vivo Nex a chaidh fhoillseachadh o chionn ghoirid, a bhith a 'putadh an sgrìn air an S10 gu ruig mullach na h-inneal.

16/5/18: Tha Samsung ag ràdh gum bi e an dùil Galaxy S10 na h-ath-bhliadhna a thaghadh le taisbeanadh geur-ghèam a bhios a 'sèideadh an iPhone X a-mach às an uisge.

A rèir Twitter Cruinn-eòlas Ice tipse, bidh rèiteachadh sgrion Galaxy S10 a 'dol nas àirde na 600ppi – a' trusadh 458ppi an iPhone X agus an sgrìn Galaxy S9's 570ppi.

Tha e fhathast ri fhaicinn gum bi an taisbeanadh a 'maidseadh solas sùla Sony Xperia XZ Premium, ge-tà, a bhios a' pacadh sgrion 5.8in 3840×2160 4K le dùmhlachd picteil de 760ppi.

A bharrachd air rèiteachadh sgrion-inntinn, thathar an dùil gum bi an Galaxy S10 cuideachd a 'nochdadh co-mheasadh sgrion gu corp de 93 sa cheud – a' leasachadh air co-mheas Galaxy S9 83.6 sa cheud.

A bharrachd, tha e a 'coimhead, tha e a' coimhead nas dualtaiche gum bi an Galaxy S10 a 'chiad fhòn aig Samsung airson leughadair le meòir-meòir a-steach a-steach an dèidh dha Cruinne-teasairginn Ice a bhith a' tweetadh nach dèan an teicneòlas ultrasonic ris an Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

"Tha e gu ìre mhòr cinnteach gu bheil Not9 aig nach eil FOD [Fingerprint-reader On Display]", leugh an tweet.

4/5/18: Rumours claim Samsung will launch its Galaxy S10 flagship in January 2018, with plans to launch its long-awaited foldable smartphone at MWC in February.

Korean newspaper The Bell, naturally, reports that the Samsung Galaxy S10 is likely to see an official unveiling at CES in January, with the "procurement of parts" to begin in October.

While this isn't the first time we've heard that Samsung might launch its next flagship smartphone ahead of schedule, this rumour has a bit more meat. The Bell claims that the S10's launch has been pushed forward to make room for its long-rumoured foldable 'Galaxy X' smartphone.

Samsung has reportedly asked suppliers to start supplying component for the smartphone this November, with plans to unveil the handset at MWC.

The so-called Galaxy X will feature a"fold-in structure", The Bell notes, comprising three 3.5in OLED panels. The front of the product will reportedly be equipped with two 3.5in panels to create a 7in screen, with an additional 3.5in display on the rear.

3/5/18: Samsung's Galaxy S10 is codenamed "Beyond" and will be the first to feature a screen-embedded fingerprint sensor, according to Korean news outlet The BellSouth Westerly

Citing the "parts industry" as its source, the website claims that Samsung's 'Beyond' codename is fitting for the firm's 10th-anniversary flagship, with the firm aiming to "go beyond" what it has already achieved in the smartphone market.

To do that, the Galaxy S10 will be the first Samsung smartphone to be kitted out with Fingerprint on Display (FOD) tech, according to the report, which notes that the firm has attempted to introduce the feature since the Galaxy S8 but failed due to "technical difficulties".

Samsung will manage to embed a fingerprint sensor into the Galaxy S10's AMOLED screen, The Bell claims, although it's unclear who will be providing the firm with the futuristic tech.

It is not currently known if the Galaxy S10 will also feature iPhone X-a-like 3D sensing technology on the front.

"Unlike FOD, partners in the 3D sensing module are not detecting mass-production movements," one electronics industry official said.

18/4/18: The Galaxy S9 may be just weeks-old, but Samsung has reportedly finalised the design of next year's Galaxy S10.

So says Korean website The Bell, which claims that Samsung's 10th-anniversary Galaxy S series phones will arrive early next year equipped with an in-display fingerprint scanner and a 3D sensing camera, similar to that found on the iPhone X.

The handset's under-screen fingerprint sensor, the report claims, is currently being developed by Qualcomm and Synaptics in the US, and Aegis Tech in Taiwan. The Galaxy S10 and S10+ will likely be the first Samsung smartphones to come equipped with the tech, with recent reports noting that, despite earlier rumours, the Galaxy Note 9 is unlikely to carry the feature.

The Galaxy S10's rumoured 3D-sensing module is being developed by camera firms Mantis Vision and Woodgate, The Bell notes. Further details about this feature remain vague, but it likely will offer iPhone X-style face-unlock functionality, improving on Samsung's current, and somewhat lacklustre iris-scanning solution.

Elsewhere, the Korean report debunks speculation that the Galaxy S10 will feature the foldable AMOLED screen that we've heard so much about, and instead claims that Samsung will stick to same curved Infinity displays found on this year's S9 and S9+.

The screens are allegedly getting bigger, though, with the S10 and S10 Plus tipped to feature 5.8in and 6.3in panels, respectively, 0.03in and 0.08in larger than their predecessors.

That's all The Bell has to give, but an earlier report claimed that – somewhat unsurprisingly – the Galaxy S10 and S10+ will be powered by Samsung's as-yet-unannounced Exynos 9820 SoC, that's expected to debut inside the Galaxy Note 9.

Samsung's Exynos variants are typically released in Europe, with Qualcomm's next-gen Snapdragon 855 processor set to power its US-bound version.

Samsung, naturally, hasn't commented on the rumours. µ

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