Samsung is causing disturbance due to illness, death of some staff

Kim Tong-Hyung, The Associated Press

Published Thursday, November 22, 2018 11:56 EST

SEOUL, Korea, Republic Of – Samsung Electronics vindicated Friday for the illness and death of some of its jobs, saying that he did not create a safe working environment at his fast-paced computers and exhibitions.

The news from the giant of South Korean technology came on weeks after its company and agreed to a group that had a " Representing Samsung supermarket staff to accept proposed interim terms of interdiction and end up the high profile increase for more than a decade. The company's apology was part of the town.

Kinam Kim, president of the Samsung device solutions department, said that she had been discharged. company "adequately guide health risks" at its semiconductor line and crystal display business lines. As described in the Associated Press statements over the past ten years, a number of staff who were employed there were ill illnesses such as leukemia and brain tumors.

"We offer insults to staff suffering from illnesses and their families," said Kim during a news conference in Seoul, who was also present with the " activity and relatives.

But long as it is & # 39; contract cuts and insufficient input to & # 39; Reduction in safety levels, Samsung has still been fully recognized in the workplace environment as a direct cause of illness.

The case began in 2007 when Hwang Sang-gi's taxi driver refused to go to the town after a 23-year-old daughter. age dying with leukemia after working at Samsung factory. Hwang's efforts are to clarify the causes of Yu-mi's death and to keep Samsung reliant on problems related to work situations; Moving wider movement to keep businesses and the government responsible for reducing safety in the fast and present industries, which use many chemicals.

"There would be no excuse enough to think about his / her attraction and the suffering that we received (from Samsung) over the last 11 years, the pain was to Suffering from poor occupations, and pain to lose the beloved ones, "said Hwang at his & # 39; news conference. "But today I am today as a promise from Samsung Electronics," to improve the safety of workplaces, he said.

According to the settlement, Samsung will compensate for various illnesses of staff who have been working with their teams and LCD factories since 1984, including as much as 150 million won (US $ 132,000 ) for leukemia. The compensation also covers poor movements and the epilepsy of the children of staff as a child cancer.

Since 2008, dozens of staff have sought compensation from the government. Almost receiving compensation, and & # 39; Most after a battlefield battle. Half of the remaining requests were rejected and half of them are still under review.

Families of people suffering often reduce their savings and sell their homes to pay hospital bills. Some staff are going to be incapable and can not work.

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