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Shoey shoes that Vettel's error left

A giant army at the top of the cliff before the lights went out in Bahrain on Sunday, Sebastian Vettel felt he broke about the time the trout cried at the terrible race of the Germans in Sakhir.

But he all began a good note for the Ferrari owner who had a great time in getting away from the grid together with the lousy publication by Charles Leclerc which he sent at the beginning.

Unfortunately, that was the best time he got for Vettel, which was quickly restored by the team's partner before he collapsed into the Lewis Hamilton associates.

The two men were fighting hard with the rival rule who got the better of the other person who was then plunging into them and they were trying to get hold of them behind Hamilton.

The expensive pressure, and the skipper forced him out of Vettel's command, with a fifth at the end of the day.

"I think it is very clear if you start at the beginning and you don't finish at the start that you can't be happy," said Vettel.

"It was difficult for the start of the race, then on the middle tire, it was probably a bit better, but overall it wasn't the distance that I was going to be today, and so not t I'm not sure why.

“And obviously on that, I had the mistake of the spindle, so it would not be a good evening.

"I lost the car but suddenly and when I twisted up it was obvious that it was too late and sadly we were so damaged by the tires that made that front wings start to do it. he was good. "

As to the size of the team, at least until the invention of the greases, Vettel introduced Leclerc status.

"His race is today, how unhappy he is for the team," he said.

"It's a really sad day, starting from the front and not finishing that everything we want is not."

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