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Should you become a stranger to be your nature?

For parents of children with birthdays near the finishing date for family registration, the debate can start as soon as possible; They can give birth: Should we make a red shirt? Will she be ready for a nursery home soon?

Red screening, originally set up for college athletes held from competing for a year to develop their skills and expand their potential, is now used frequently for reporting to go to & # 39; Keeping a child from starting a rescue for a further year. Post-General It is most common with children who have a birthday or birthday that falls very close to closing date of the school area.

It is the responsibility of a debate whether it is the benefit of a baby to be "red shirt"; but now, a new study shows that students born in August and who among the youngest in their bathing classes are more likely to be found by ADHD.

The reporter Jenny Anderson writes for Quartz about the research, which was published today by Harvard Medical School researchers.

This is how a child's date can shape the knowledge of the school: Imagine that you are in a position; live in a school area with Sept. cut. 1, means that your child needs five years old before September 1 to start the school. This means that a boy called Lucas, converted five on August 15, will be recording in the same class as Jack, which turns six on September 15.

Jack has lived almost 20% longer than a small Lucas. To be developed, this is a continuation. It will be better to have better self-control and be well equipped to do what is needed in the school, such as sitting still and listening for a long time.

"As older children are older, differences in age are balanced and spread over time, but they may be The difference between the ages 6 and 7 is evident, "said senior author Jupiter Jena, professor of Healthcare Policy at the Blavatnik Institute at the Harvard Medical School. What's essential for five year sessions is so unavoidable for six year olds.

The survey was found, in areas with Sept. cut. 1, children born in August were 34% more likely than their peers close to their year; age to find out judgment on Strength ordering dementia for loss. ADHD symptoms can include diversity, awareness, still experiencing difficulties, lack of focus or incapacity to follow instructions.

Speaking personally, my husband and I put the red shirt on our son. There is a birthday date at the end of September and our school area, the final date is October 1. The closest date we received when we came to co- make a decision, how clear & # 39; as it was not to be finished academically or emotionally – to move from two hours of pre-school four days a week to a full-day nursery month before turning up even five years old. And his pre-school teachers made clear that they could not agree more.

Fortunately, we had our choice (and financial modes) to introduce a pre-school program specifically for children in this situation; It was five days a week; and it was a more acute academic than the normal 4-year program (but less than a nursery). And even now, with my son succeeding in second level, I can not think that it would be successful in the third level if we were registered a year earlier.

But everyone has the option of being a successful one that has little parents. Many parents can not pay another year of day or pre-school care. And we had one parent in our Facebook Group; Feeling she had to record her son for being a nursery class to keep him different educational services.

"He had pre-school treatments through a school area program for some delays (full motor, real motto, speech). These remedies will decline at age 5 with their opinion your child will continue with the remedies through the special school area, "said Jennifer, who turned his son five weeks before the closing of the school area in August 1.

"If I had to wait for a year, he would have stopped his remedies and I had to pay out of a pocket for three therapies for a year and then re-evaluate it for remedies for a school area, they could be denied. So, he put it to school and put it into the school area cures the same solution that made sense. "

Because other parents chose to delay the start of their & # 39; nursery class, his son came to an end with a wide range of ages, and he was surprised: "Would he be so far behind if everyone was just when they were 5? getting more delays because half of these children were lucky enough to wait? "

Other parents in the Facebook group say they are, or are still, considering everything from the child's social and academic skills in terms of their physical size; compared to children of age. Some parents experience their personal experiences among the oldest or youngest when they were in school.

There are not some, such as Matt, who choose what might be considered as a compromise: "Our current plan is to sign in for nursery and see how things are going, "Matt says. "The worst case, it will revitalize the second year's girlfriend. Every pupil is different, so every parent needs to make the best decision to make the family. "

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