"Showing each option," says Hadju, a & # 39; Bringing back legislation to work to complete the Canada Post strike

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Published Thursday, November 22, 2018 10:24 EST

Last updated Thursday 22 November 2018 12:25 EST

OTTAWA – Less than 24 hours one of the earliest business days of the year, the federal government sent a once-past legislation, which allowed Canadian Post employees back to work.

Minister for Work, Staff and Labor Development Patty Hajdu put the bill in the House of Commons on Thursday morning, coupled with a move to accelerate the pace of the bill through the House of Commons.

BP now has a & # 39; This move, which proposes to try to move the legislation through many statutory measures in one day, Restrict the length of time a BP has to debate the bill that is & # 39; praises, and is being examined in a "committee of the" meaning of the whole House together, rather than being sent out to a smaller committee for further study. If this move is passed, it is possible to give the House of Commons bill within a day, but the Assembly must have passed before it came to fruition.

Hajdu said she does not expect to start a debate on Bill C-89, known as "An Act for reintroduction and maintenance of postal services" – today, saying there is still a time for Canada Post and Union Canada Postal Workers to contract.

Acting on a legislative step, Canada Post will return to a day's work after a special translator has been reinstated to help negotiate after months of unsuccessful contract negotiations and strikes strategic backing of job backup.

Talk to & # 39; Bill and tried to stop it, Hajdu said the sale of Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday was sold; Come and Fort Lauderdale's confidence and the businesses on beta-mailing services, especially during the free time.

"The strikes have been running for five weeks now. Canada Post said they could expect delays in rollout and post delivery in 2019 as a result of the such rotating strikes. Canada Post also informs commercial customers who can not respect their delivery standards for any result of long strikes, and the strikes are on walks of mail and create parcels, "said Hajdu.

"We have cleaned all options," she said.

The union of the post-staff is already committed to fighting the legislation in the court, whether the bill should have passed.

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