Sixteen and three-year-old girls were executed, and self-esteemed


Autopsy on bodies Two little girls found in the south east of Edmonton last week confirmed that the two were executed.

The father of the youngest son – six months old – is disqualified for murder with a second degree of death. The second daughter was three years old. The mother is still in hospital.

The police published more information about the amazing case on Monday evening.

The two were locked hidden under housing in a room room room 7920 71 after the police responded to the call of domestic violence. Their police did not find their bodies when they started the room.

The police have not released the name of the accused person because they said he did not serve a "research purpose" he said.

Court records open to the public recognize Ashton Brian Lafleche. The 29-year-old shortman appeared in court on Friday morning through a CCTV from the Remand Edmonton Center.

Lafleche is a biological father of one of the girls and he did not stay with them.

Court documents give children names as Mackenzie Petawaysin and Mary Lafleche Petawaysin. The records showed that Lafleche had been ordered several times to stay away from her mother Tamara Petawaysin.

Police responded to a woman who was attacked at the room at about 5:30 p.m. Wednesday. Her husband, Petawaysin, was in trouble, with serious injuries.

At 8:30 p.m. Wednesday officials learned that a man who was printed was trying to take a garage nearby. They went out and made sure he was in suspicion in the previous attack and arrested him.

After being arrested, the police returned to the house and found the body of the girls. Talk to Police Staff reporters in Edmonton, Friday, Friday. Terrie Affolder said that researchers believe that the person was trying to catch the ruins.

She said they did not identify the accused to try to protect the identity of a complainant of domestic violence.

A memorial to the girls that were created outside the room after the news broke and grow during the weekend.

By Sunday, more than 15 animals were placed at the bottom of a tree on the front of the building, together with candles, flowers cards, co-guides and two small glass angels.

Lafleche is back in court December 21.

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