Solidary polling union will postpone legislation back to work


OTTAWA – The union that represents Canadian Post employees is a & # 39; Introducing a constitutional challenge over governmental governmental legislation.

The Canadian Union of Workers (CUPW) states that they will confirm the challenge by Ontario Superior Court.

"This law is a breach of a freehold joint agreement under the Charter of Copyright and Freedom," said Mike Palecek, National CUPW President in a statement on Tuesday.

The union stated that "all options" had been sent after Labor Minister, Patty Hajdu, put forward and passed Bill C-89, Bringing strike workers back to work at the end of November, under the existing agreements that are currently in place and have been in place. following contracts.

Yesterday, Hajdu put a new negotiation post after Canada Post and the CUPW could not agree to bring an appropriate person to his / her. board to assist the two parties to negotiate common agreements. The new auditor has his ability to settle a settlement through a connection resolution.

The constitutional lawyer who represents the union said that Canada created a "wrong crisis" of the package back to start the government to intervene with its # 39; bill back to work.

"This legislation has been implemented in situations that have not hindered restricting constitutional rights," said the lawyer, Paul Cavalluzzo, in the statement.

Bill C-89, "The Post and Post Service Resumption Act" sent an accelerated and dramatic timetable that included the Assembly; sit over the weekend; Meet Hàduich with singers of "Certainly, staff had progressed, and BP NDP conducted a tour guide in close contact with the staff.

The union says that more job workers are injured under work, already under existing contracts, and careers of rural letters and suburbs will continue to work beforehand pay.

The Conservative government was the last time used to make Canadian Post employees in 2011. The court was also challenged and, five years later, it was described as non- statutory.

Hajdu has protected this new bill as a & # 39; adopting a different, fair and fair approach, and said it was not a good step.

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