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SpaceX burns will launch daily labels after creating creatures; Try to make a snag – Spaceflight Now

File image of SpaceX Dragon Caps in orbit. Belief: NASA

NASA has launched a delay in the repository of SpaceX products until Wednesday to allow timber creams to replace timber food crops, which means that 40 mice will be available; The International Speech Station is part of a biological research test, which prevents its & # 39; company at two Falcon 9 cheers on days back to the back.

The commercial goods plane, previously set for Tuesday, is now scheduled for 1:16 p.m. EST (1816 GMT) from the Cape Canaveral Computing Panels 40 on board the Falcon Rocket 9. The Falcon 9 will insert SpaceX's Dragon Dump Capacity to & # 39; searching for the specialty station, where combatants will break the robot at the lightning device.

The plane is the second box at SpaceX of the week, following the Falcon 9 rocket after Monday and brings 64 commercial sailors into the base from Vandenberg Air Force Base, California. If the product was launched from Cape Canaveral on Tuesday, it would have marked the second Falcon 9 aircraft at SpaceX for almost 24 hours.

As it is, a concert from Cape Canaveral on Wednesday will continue to record a record for the fastest SpaceX campaign between the two Falcon 9 missions, with less than 48 hours separated by both the West Coast and from the East Coast. The shortest range between Falcon 9 laws was launched so far in June 2017, when two rockets were removed from Florida and California just over 49 hours apart.

NASA officials in a news conference said on Tuesday afternoon that SpaceX's solar mission could be pushed back the day after land teams to find a wild mucus looking for food mice he was killed to the station in the dragon's hard cabin. His space company confirmed their one-day descendants in the short narrative of Dàmh night.

"The shuttle was moved to Wednesday after finding mills on food bars to explore Rodent before being taken to SpaceX," said NASA in the refreshment of Tuesday. "The team will use the extra day to take advantage of the food bars."

NASA certifies that the rock search exams are essential enough for the space station exam program to hold the Dragon cargo aircraft on the ground so that the foodstuffs can be replaced. New food breaks were to be delivered to Cape Canaveral from the NASA Ames NASA Research Center in California at the end of Tuesday for inclusion in the Dragon caps, but officers were riding a clock for seals carrying space space and construction Falcón 9 rocket is just down for final prices for a liftoff on Tuesday afternoon.

"Today, when we were preparing the rocks that were filled on board our vehicles, we watched some of the foodstuffs that are essential for the creatures , "said Joel Montalbano, manager of NASA's NASA platform optimist program. "Some of the roofs were pollute there. So we have to go on and put them away.

"We are working hard with the SpaceX team, but it's very tight," Montalbano said Tuesday, an hour before NASA confirmed the delay was launched one day.

The 40 mice, carried out within special habitats, were packaged inside the Dragon's spaceship when the Falco 9 rocket was flat. The ability of "late" on the open-up time allows scientists to have a specific specimen to set time to & # 39; dragon space dragon carriage.

"We accept that all food is suspected, not only the food that was loaded today, but the food we had already evaluated, and how we'll replace all those foods, "said Montalbano. "Creatures are one of our mission goals, and so it's so important that we're not ready to go with the rocks, we will go ahead and slow down the day."

Researchers carry the mice to the space station to investigate the impact of microgravity on defensive, muscle and animal bone systems, scientists' knowledge; comparing the situation of a mice control group held on Earth. The mice that sails to space is also divided into young and old groups for comparative surveys to record how space space is recorded; affecting ancient processes in the body.

"The answers to spacephones in humans and the compilation of organisms such as mice are similar to some accelerated patients," write scientists in a summary of the test on NASA website. "This research provides a better understanding of the protection of infection, bone and muscle-related disease related to age, and can produce new remedies for use in the area and on the Earth. "

The Dragon Capsule is set to carry 5,673 non (2,573 kilograms) of research tests, crew arrangements and space parts for the station.

In addition to the biological tests that are held within the Dragon department, NASA's pay bar is outside the station. One of them shows tools and new ways that can lead to the future ability of the satellites to be reconstituted with a magnificent propellant in the room, and another will screw on the machine; a laser planet to measure the height, density and structure of timber trees, which can give scientists more knowledge of the woodland place in the carbon cycle.

It is expected that the spacecraft at the station will take place until mid-January, when leaving and re-accessing the Pacific Ocean, ends with help with a parachute that supports California, where the SpaceX team will host; get back the capsule.

The 16th Wednesday revolution box is run by SpaceX in a $ 3.04 billion contract, a 20-plane NASA. SpaceX's continuous transport contract also includes a minimum of six additional aircraft to the station during 2024, and a separate NASA contract for the development and operation of Crew Dragon's new ship to ferry astronauts to and out from the space station.

NASA has freight delivery contracts with Northrop Grumman and Sierra Nevada Corp., and a trading team contract with Boeing.

SpaceX aims to land its first-class Roc Canaveral in Cape Canaveral a few minutes after its launch on Wednesday, The first rocket was returned to the Florida Spa, since a pair of builders were circulated through the first Falcon Heavy plane in February. All Falcon 9 times from Coast Space Florida have since entered the SpaceX drum boat in the Atlantic Ocean, or removed the first phase.

The increase in the launch set up for Wednesday is a new vehicle, and the Dragon's capsule is a space-based rescue mission soldier launched in February 2017.

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