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SpaceX is set up for its first box on Friday 2019

A rocket box in the early morning shows a soft light of light.
Enlarge / / The first phase of the Falcon 9 rocket that was launched for Friday morning began to start; the first time in September, 2018, and launched the Telstar mission 18.

Again of a successful airship campaign in 2018, which included a 21-minute record, SpaceX has a & # 39; Return to the Friday launchpad for his first mission of the new year. The startup window will open at 10:31 AM ET (3:31 PM UTC).

This is the 8th and SpaceX final event to stop 75 new news communications for Iridium. For this purpose, SpaceX will send 10 of the Iridium AIR AIR troops to the low polar orbit of Earth.

Initially started for her & # 39; This mission was announced in September, and launched the Telstar tune 18 into the nose to move geography. It circulated at sea seaside constraint in a relatively high level in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. This time, the rocket will try to land on the droneship Read the Guidelines based in the Pacific Ocean.

In all, this should be a mission for SpaceX, without a crazy flying profile or experimental exams. After that, the Falcon 9 rocket has been running to & # 39; This estimation is seven times earlier, and its first "certified" is in the sense that it has gone once.

It is not expected to have SpaceX a & # 39; try to pay recovery revival, as the company still has a & # 39; fulfilling its approach to doing so. As well as analyzing data from previous concerts, SpaceX is a unique opportunity from a helicopter off the California coast and its location. Try to catch the boat Mr StevenNext Post Earlier this week, some companies left out instead of getting caught of one of these tests.

After 18 missions in 2017 and 21 confidence in 2018, how many rocays do not have to launch SpaceX will be the one that will; targeted in 2019. However, it is a reasonable commitment that its company has a " try 16 to 20 Falcon hands 9 and twice to Falcon Heavy.

A webcast for a Friday morning start-up effort should start 15 minutes before opening the startup window. Should weather (60% chance of favorable situations) or a technical case that can trigger an attempt, SpaceX's backup window is available on Saturday morning at 15:25 PM UTC.

Iridium 8 launched.

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