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SpaceX will cut hundreds of staff after their final mission for Iridium

By line: SpaceX has revealed that they allow 10% of their employees to go out to save costs. With the Falcon Heavy rocket and the still-evolving "Starship" interplanetary band, they are hoping to build rods to get to an International Speech Station, and the ambitions for an established Internet network have created satellite in the last few years; gone away, SpaceX is broken off than they can hear?

COO, Gwynne Shotwell, indicated that around 7,000 people worked for SpaceX in the end of 2017, mean that at least 700 people have lost their jobs. SpaceX does not answer questions about the departments they were working or any information about compensation. But they have given the following statement why.

To continue to deliver to our users and to succeed in & # 39; Developing an interplanetary spacecraft and space-based internet, SpaceX needs to be a slower company. One of these developments, even when you're extremely excited, have broken out other bodies.

This means we need to take part with some of our team's talented and hard working members. We are grateful for their achievements and their commitment to the SpaceX resolution. This activity will only be due to the challenges that are very difficult and we will not need the other.

Typically, Layoffs is a bad indication for a company that should be expanded to take on their new projects, but for SpaceX, the critical news is not a sign that a & # 39; company that failed. Anything that is considered as a diversity is similar to the Elon Musk Chief Executive, who works like the same strategies several times before.

Uncertainly, Musk has avoided the issue on Twitter and is currently on Twitter. Focusing on the successful 9th ​​Falcon box from the Airforce Vandenberg Foundation. At the first opening of the year, it is also a launchX for Iridium, which may be associated with the layoffs.

Over the past two years, SpaceX has completed eight enforcements for a total of 75 satellites for Iridium communications of $ 3 billion ATH. The satellite channels can provide telecommunications services and navigate globally, which means "a real-time, truly realistic first of all of the traffic airs all over the world ", according to Don Thoma, Head of Aireon who delivers the administrative technology.

It is expected that 400 SpaceX satellite networks will be required, which can cost up to $ 15 billion if it costs so much of each satellite as a very similar Iridium network. With its optimism, hundreds of SpaceX employees can stop around one hundred million dollars, which is not so small as compared to the amount they need in recent years future.

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