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Squirrel Club Games Celebrate Quilt, Platformer Ninja 8-Bit New


After a tea earlier this month, the Yacht Club Games have now appeared that it is publishing the 8-bit ninja action platformer. Circuit-sapping on a wide range of platforms, including the Nintendo Switch. The game has been developed over the past ten years by Aarne Hunziker of Mechanical Head Studios and has been swept up under a watchful eye. Knight shovel developer.

This is the official description of the story: t

The world was taken over by luxurious forms of life. Wish to set up help Open up a path to find out what started the way to a permanent ruin. Sweeping through the technology orders, jumping over a trap, and traveling quite close to Mekacity ruins.

You can potentially confiscate your privacy with your old powers in Cyber ​​Shadow, the quintessential Ninja Action game.

For most of you, you spend most of your time pulling, sliding and moving through beautifully designed standards, full of sharp embalmed ninja and action. as well as twelve apocalyptic leaders. When you are influencing your decision, you will come into skills and abilities in the fields and give a lot of confidentiality.

All this is backed by beautiful hand sprites, a beautiful pixel view, perfect controls and sound beat sound by Enrique Martin and produced by Jake Kaufman. The date of release has not yet come to a conclusion, but when it arrives it will be priced at $ 14.99.

Is this a ninja game you have been waiting for? Tell us what you think.

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