Stamps provide the official name of Monson protection co-ordinator

CALGARY – Calgary Stampers announced Friday that Brent Monson was named as a team defense co-ordinator.

Monson has been on stamps for nine years, including five seasons as an online coach. He served on the benefits of the Calgary Gray Cup in 2014 and 2018.

He completes that DeVone Claybrooks, who was appointed coach head of the Lions BC BC earlier this week.

"Brent has been a valuable member of our staff for a long time and I am very confident that he will do a great job in the role of the defense co-ordinator," said co-headed Stampeders, Dave Dickenson. "Brent is a hard worker that our staff know very well. Just as important, the players know it and they play it hard."

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"I am very grateful to Dave Dickenson and John Hufnagel for their trust they have shown me by giving me this opportunity," said Monson. "This group has been my family and I'm delighted to continue working with this huge defense. I look forward to this new challenge. and it will work hard to ensure that our team is still successful. "

In 2018, Monson helped keep a defense that lets 17.2 points per game to fractured crimes. Calgary's protection also allowed the smallest (27) and the smallest gardens (86.5 per game) long & as they shared the league in a ban (49) and a slice (45). As well as working with an online group that included Jameer Thurman who was a standing on the weak side and Alex Singleton all-star CFL star in the middle, Monson was a defender co-ordinator for the Aug. game. 25 against Winnipeg Blue Bombers long & DeVone Claybrooks had a hospital because of illness.

The Stamps have allowed the smallest attack points in the CFL in every four years of Monson's second man as the Calgary custodian coach. He was previously an online coach in 2010 and a defensive line coach in 2011 before playing as a coach supporter for 2012-14. He was also a team rescue and rescue coach from 2010-14.

Hamilton Hamilton, a 33-year-old, is a student at the McMaster University. He went to the Stampeders in 2009 as a member of the team's video division before being added to the teachers in 2010.

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