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Stock markets sell out when Mnuchin moved to bring back the fear of the investors back

Stocks of stock markets over the world are under pressure on Monday after the US. Finance Secretary Steven Mnuchin convenes Heads of the six main Sunday sessions in an attempt to look like a # 39; giving the opportunity to give financial markets – but it did not end but fear of the investors.

Tonight trading at Christmas Eve, Dow Jones's business average was over 400 points, or more than two hundred percent, and included a level of less than 22,000 for its & first time in 15 months.

The S & P 500 generally decreased by almost one per cent at 2,398 while Nasdaq aimed at technology was also about one per cent lower at 6,247.

Canadian and US markets will close at 1 p.m. ET Monday to celebrate Christmas Eve.

US stock markets have been the worst months in a decade since investors are worried about growth opportunities among global trade wars. The ghost asked Mnuchin to go out to the chief executives of Scotland's large banks to prove that they have enough money to fund their normal jobs – although there is no concern in terms of affecting its & # 39; market.

The move meant that the fear of the investors would be; influencing, but it seems to have the adverse effect.

"Steve Mnuchin reports will not meet the decision makers of many of the Christmas guests," said Chris Beauchamp, a leading market analyst at IG.

"Mnuchin may be worried about his work, but everyone will make the decision that there is a lot more disturbance."

The Christmas New Christmas decoration is decorated with the New York Stock Exchange logo that hangs from the Christmas tree. SA stocks are going on for their worst month in a decade. (Mike Segar / Reuters)

"Mnuchin attempted to control the damage," he said, "Brown Brothers Harriman's global winner, in a note, says that the move could move back.

"Yes, markets have been worried about the decline, [but] to this weekend, however, these markets were not worried about resentment or rescue issues. And with markets on the edge, the last thing they needed to be another case to worry, "said Thin.

The US national bank, the Scheduled Reserve, its main level of interest to & # 39; this month, and he did all that he expected to do so twice. This has not helped stack, because higher rates make it more expensive to borrow for investment.

Mark Grant, global leader B. Riley FBR Inc., who blamed the deer, said, "as they build standards at the same time as they indicate that the economy is declining.

"In my opinion, they have made a terrible mistake in judgment. They do not care for the declining economic levels, as they create Liquidity issues. Non-visual, in my opinion. "

President Tr Trump seemed to agree. It has been said heavily once he wants to & # 39; see low levels of living to stimulate a stronger economy, not to taking into account the established principle that the Feachdal Reserve has an independent financial policy position from any political disturbance

The president seemed to announce the deer for sale on Monday, telling fans in a tweet that middle bankers are "not aware of the market."

It's not just stock that's on & # 39; catching a recent hit. Oil dropped to $ 44.55 in the US barrel barrel. After a $ 75 barrel bent in October, the US oil co-signature is West Texas Intermediate has lowered down on growing concerns.

The oil crash has also been a bad news for the TSX, since the TSX was down to its lowest level in more than two years at 13,875 Monday, from 60 points per day and down by over 16 per cent from July. That is the lowest stock record in Canada to trade since the summer of 2016.

The lossoff was not limited to North America. CAC 40 of France decreased by 1.5 per cent at 4,626.39, and FTSE 100 index of main British shares fell 0.5 percent to 6,685.99. German DAX was closed.

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